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Our Small Business Saturday features have been so rewarding for us here at KMN! Getting to highlight local, women and family owned businesses has been one of the highlights of our week. We hope spotlighting these amazing entrepreneurs gives our readers and followers the encouragement to continue supporting local. Because some of the best companies are right in our own backyard!

One of those companies is without a doubt Teacups & Saucers and the talented mama behind it is as kind as she is creative! We are so excited to introduce our mamas to Nadtia and her special business, especially after working with her to make one of our daughter’s birthday dreams come true in June! Nadita helped us build the most beautiful memories and delivered the sweetest princess tea party that even the adults enjoyed. From birthday parties, to baby showers, to anything in between, Teacups & Saucers is our ultimate event and party planner!
We got to chat with this inspiring mama about her business, motherhood, and why after being in the medical field she decided to take the jump to pursue her true passion! Read our interview with her below and make sure to check out her Facebook page and website!

When did you start your business?


I started my Small Business June of 2017.


What was the inspiration behind starting your business?


After deciding against going back to College for 4 years to convert my UK Optometry Degree to a US equivalent I decided to pursue my passion for baking. I started off with a Small Cottage Bakery Business for 6 months. One afternoon enjoying Tea Time at a friend’s home and thinking how best to expand my Cottage Bakery, I decided to merge my love for baking, Tea Time & entertaining kids. That was the spark that Started Teacups & Saucers.


You lived in the UK, when did you move to the Katy area and what do love most about this area and one thing you miss most about home?


I moved to Katy after living 9 years in London and half a year in Geneva. I am actually Trinidadian by birth & I left home since I were 19.

A big reason for me moving here and what I love the most is that my sister and her family also resides in Katy. It’s a blessing having immediate family so close by.
How would you sum up your business in just a few sentences?


Teacups & Saucers LLC is a Mobile Tea Party & Events Business for both Adults & Kids. We provide Décor, Food, Snacks, Exclusive Teas, Party Favors, Specialty Cookies & Cakes, Hostess Services, and Games & Entertainment. We customize all events to our customers’ requirements.


Name one thing that makes you unique in your space or industry?

It’s mobile – we go to any location the customer would like to have their event- homes, spas, cafes, restaurants, workshops etc. It’s also an all -in-one package. We organize the food, tea, favors, decor, games/entertainment and clean up. It’s nice to be able to provide everything to make customer’s events less of a hassle for them.

What’s your favorite thing about being a business owner in Katy?


I love being part of such a relatively new community. Katy has a small town feel yet very vibrant and is constantly evolving. Community members love supporting local businesses. Sometimes I outsource different items needed for events, and when I do I love shopping & supporting other local small businesses, especially other Mompreneurs.


How has the Katy area community had an impact on your business?


I am very fortunate to have made many great business connections in Katy. Venues have been very welcoming to partnering with me for Events & Tea Parties. Katy is known for being a young family town hence it’s a great market for Tea Parties & Events. In addition to the demand for Little Girls’ Tea Parties here in Katy, there are also many Ladies Clubs that enjoy hosting Tea Parties.

Platforms like KMN have been key to growing my business as well!


What’s one thing you’d like to go back and tell the you before you were a business owner?


It was intimidating to start over, leaving my profession behind. I would tell myself not to worry or stress over the change. Life takes you along the path you’re meant to be on and embracing the change sooner rather than later will always be advantageous.


Tell me about your background in the medical field and what lead you to leave that career behind and embark on this journey as a small business owner?


I’m an an Optometrist by education, qualified in England, U.K. When I moved to Katy in 2014 I were pregnant with my first daughter and at that time, being a full time stay at home mom was exactly what I wanted, so leaving my career behind didn’t bother me.

After 2 years of being at home I decided I wanted to work part time again. Unfortunately to practice in Texas I would need to do 4 years of full time education again. I couldn’t get my head around full time medical school again (plus all those tuition fees AGAIN) for 4 years just to obtain the same qualification.
A few months later, I got the inspiration to start a small baking business since baking has always been a hobby. 6 months into doing that and after attending many children’s parties with my daughters, I decided to combine my love for Tea Time, baked goods, entertaining & kids.


Advice for anyone wanting to start their own business?


Just do it!!!

You would never know what you are capable of doing until you try. If you find yourself mulling over it for months and years it’s probably never going to happen so it’s always best to jump in at the deep end right away!


You were a stay-at-home mom for a bit and now a business owner. What’s your best advice for working moms and dealing with working mom guilt?

I like to be very organized for events from the minute I get a booking. It’s definitely a challenge to do this and manage the household all whilst making sure I spend quality time with my girls. So I work mostly when my girls are asleep. I think it’s the best time to not only have quiet time to concentrate and get things done, but also to balance both work and mom life.
I try to ignore Mom guilt and tell myself I’m with my girls everyday so there is no room for guilt. However, that may change soon since my eldest is now in Pre- K 4 days and a week and my youngest is about to start preschool 2 days a week.

I’ve come from a family of hard working independent women. So even when I were a full time stay at home mom, I had guilt that I wasn’t contributing. I were never pressured and my husband always told me I didn’t need to work, but my mind is wired differently.
Now I’ve found the perfect balance of being there for my girls and working on my terms.
Who inspires you most in business and who inspires you most as a mother?

My husband inspires me most in business. He’s a dreamer. Quite a large dreamer actually! He encourages and motivates me to continue to grow my business. According to him this is just a small piece in our much larger puzzle that is yet to come. He has great business knowledge and his optimism is admirable.
My mom inspires me most as a mother. She’s the strongest woman I know. Her story is pretty unique and has shaped her into being the woman she is. She’s crafty, funny, patient, loving, business oriented (owned a restaurant for 28 years), but most of all she’s very humble. She’s an amazing chef and still continues to teach me so much about life.


When things get hard, what’s one thing you tell yourself to keep going when running a business?


If it’s not challenging or stressful then you’re not doing the right thing so I see challenging times as a way to develop, grow and achieve greater success.


Future plans for your business?


I am definitely keen on expanding. I’m finding there are many avenues to grow due to the dynamism of the Katy market and it’s extremely exciting implementing our strategic objectives in a very focused manner. 


Any special, sales, or deals our Katy Moms can look out for?


10% off any Event when KMN is referenced, which is on the KMN Deals & Steals page! We are always trying to grow our followers and do giveaways every quarter, so make sure to follow along on Facebook

Be sure to visit Nadita’s website for more info!



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