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Something we can all agree on: postpartum care for women is not where it should be in this country. So much attention and emphasis on the new baby, but very little support for the mother. You leave the hospital with this new baby and you’re just expected to know what to do. The truth is, adjusting to being a new mom, is HARD. Even if you’re doing it for the second, third, or fourth time, there are so many physical, emotional, and hormonal changes and each postpartum period is different. Yes, becoming a mother is the most incredible experience in your life and having those babies is the most beautiful gift you will ever receive, but it is also the most overwhelming transition you will ever go through. We usually only hear about or see through social media images, the beautiful side of motherhood, but the reality is most moms need help during this time, most moms struggle, and many struggle in silence – too ashamed to admit they are not 100% happy or healed after child birth. The good news is there are so many bright lights in the postpartum community that are here to help! And, we do not want you to have to go searching for these resources yourself. We think it should be the norm to have these resources at your fingertips. There are so many aspects of postpartum care in our country that are lacking:  maternity leave, limited support and resources after leaving the hospital, access to reliable information, and even proper insurance coverage for things needed during the pregnancy and postpartum stages. But, instead of talking about the need for change, we want to take the step forward to igniting change. We want to forever use our platform for good, for making mom’s lives easier. Even if this change starts on the local level, we’re saying we want BETTER for our Katy moms. We deserve better. We do not want you to suffer in silence, or make this adjustment on your own, or feel that you can’t talk about the hard stuff. We’ll continue talking, we’ll continue working for change.

Our first step for this change, is this guide for you! Use it, tell your new mom friends about it, share it, tell you OBGYN’s to share it, just continue to share! Moms need this information and need to know where to turn when they are struggling! We are here for you!


Birth Photography

*To learn more about birth photography, check out our So You’re Thinking of Hiring a Birth Photographer? blog here. (written by Anne Schmidt)


Anne Schmidt Photography

Anne is a local birth photographer and postpartum doula. 

To learn more about Anne, check out her Small Business Saturday blog here. The picture above was captured by Anne.


Mama Bear Photography

Breastfeeding Support


The Mother Baby Bond

Breastfeeding Support Services and Online Mother Baby Boutique

(832) 580-2006

Liz Ozkan is an RN, IBCLC, RLC – International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Registered Lactation Consultant, providing in home Lactation Consultations for moms who are struggling with breastfeeding. She is very experienced in assessing and recognizing tongue and lip ties. She has helped moms of twins, adoptive moms and moms who wanted to re-lactate to establish and sustain breastfeeding relationships with their babies. The Mother Baby Bond also has online boutique owned and managed by Liz and her daughter Asena. It’s the place to go if you are looking for unique, stylish and on trend clothes and accessories for babies and moms. They also offer an in home shopping service which is a great option for busy moms!

To learn more about Liz, the owner of The Mother Baby Bond, check out her Meet a Mom interview here.


Bayou City Breastfeeding

(281) 305-0411

Offers help with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, baby-led weaning (baby foods), a tongue and lip tie, and tips from Lactation Consultant that will make things easier. They provide private consultations and group classes for parents throughout the greater Houston and surrounding areas, both before and after the baby has been born. They are an inclusive practice of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) providing compassionate care focused on helping families meet their feeding goals — whether your goal is exclusive breastfeeding or not. They also accept insurance.


Lactation Lifelines

(281) 578-2822

Services offered: prenatal lactation consultations, lactation consultations with mother and baby, telephone support, and breastfeeding pumps, supplies, and baby scale rentals.


La Leche League of Katy and West Houston

Meetings are held at:
Methodist West Houston
18500 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77094

1st Wednesday of each month 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

4th Monday of each month 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

For further information or help with breastfeeding, call La Leche leaders:

Susan (281) 829-6833

Melissa (713) 775-7417


Katy Birth Center

1002 Avenue A, Katy, TX 77493

(832) 437-5876

Midwifery care, breast pump rentals and sales, and education classes (birthing, breastfeeding, and postpartum care).


Nourishing Nugget

Melissa Spadone is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and Breastfeeding Educator based in the Houston area. She has an informative blog on all things breastfeeding and motherhood and her Instagram account is full of knowledge, Q&A’s, and a safe and open forum to ask her any questions you may have! Follow her at @nourishing_nugget on IG and FB.

Childbirth Education


Marley & Moo Maternity

[email protected]

(281) 749-1766

Provides services including childbirth/new parent education, birth/postpartum doula services, postpartum recovery care, meal preparation, placenta encapsulation and breastfeeding support.


Katy Birth Center

1002 Avenue A, Katy, TX 77493

(832) 437-5876

Midwifery services, well woman care, and education classes (birthing, breastfeeding, prenatal, and newborn care).


*To learn more about how chiropractic care can help, check out our Ask The Expert blog on Postpartum Chiropractic Care here.


Cornelius Chiropractic House Calls

Dr. Ashley Cornelius

(281) 896-0250

Chiropractic care in the comfort of your home. Dr. Cornelius specializes in pediatric care, pregnancy care, and new moms.

To learn more about Dr. Ashley, check out her Meet a Mom blog here.

And, don’t miss out on their KMN Deal on our Deals & Steals page!


Aligned Family Chiropractic

Dr. Kim Tran

29818 Farm to Market 1093 #210, Fulshear, TX 77441

(281) 346-8023

Dr. Tran is a local mom herself and specializes in prenatal, pediatric and postpartum care chiropractic.


Hartland Chiropractic & Wellness

Dr. Kimberlee Barnhart

5803 2nd St. Ste. 2, Katy, TX 77493

(832) 913-6530

To learn more about Hartland Chiropractic & Wellness, check out their Small Business Saturday blog here.

And, don’t miss out on their KMN Deal on our Deals & Steals page!


Experience Life Chiropractic

Dr. Daryn McCarter

9115 FM 723 #850, Richmond, TX 77406

(281) 800-1344

Neurologically-based, family-focused chiropractic health center specializing in prenatal, pediatric and whole family care


Momentum Health

Dr. Megan Watier

1526 Katy Gap Rd Suite 602, Katy, TX 77494

(281) 770-8057

A chiropractic practice that loves serving the community with a special focus on family, pediatrics, and pregnancy care.


West Houston Spinal C.A.Re

1035 Dairy Ashford Road Suite 152 Houston, TX 77079

(281) 809-6144

Chiropractic, Acupunture, Rehabilitation, Pregnancy Care, and Chiro for Kids.

Dr. Nguyen specialized in pregnancy and is one of the few chiropractors in the West Houston area that is certified in the Webster Technique by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Doulas & Midwives


After Love Postpartum & Doula Care

Offers physical comfort to the new mom, emotional support for the whole family, guidance in infant care, solutions to common feeding challenges, and household assistance.

To learn more about the owner of After Love, Kelli Duran, check out her Meet a Mom interview here.


Anne Schmidt 

Anne is a local birth photographer and postpartum doula.

To learn more about Anne, check out her Small Business Saturday blog here.


Concierge Doulas of Houston

(713) 591-6402

Offering postpartum doula care/newborn care specialists and night nannies.


Enchanted Birthing Services

[email protected]

Alysa is a full spectrum Doula offering birthing women and families support through prenatal, labor, birth, and postpartum.


Ibu Doula

(281) 743-5155

[email protected]

Adila is a birth doula – to learn more about her, check out her Meet a Mom interview here.


Katy Birth Center

1002 Avenue A, Katy, TX 77493

(832) 437-5876

Midwifery services, well woman care, and education classes (birthing, breastfeeding, prenatal, and newborn care).


Mommiez, Daddies, and Me

(281) 773-6212

Postnatal doula care, newborn care specialist, and sleep trainer


My Radiant Beginnings

(832) 419-9217

Midwifery services



Transcendent Birth Doula Care

(713) 628-8465

[email protected]

DONA Certified Birth doula and Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator serving Katy and the surrounding Houston area.

Mental Health Support

*To learn more about postpartum mental health, check out our Ask The Expert blogs: Postpartum Care & Mental Health, and Postpartum Depression.


Anne Russey Counseling

440 Cobia Drive Suite 1803 Katy, TX 77494

(281) 607-4443

Specializes in perinatal counseling which can include: postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, uncontrollable/constant crying, fears/worries, work life balance, exhaustion/fatigue, sleep disturbances, infertility, self esteem or self worth, grief and loss, relationship stress, tension, and conflict, irritability, anger, and/or resentment, guilt and shame, and the list goes on. Anne Russey counseling offers counseling in-home, walk and talk sessions, online and in-office sessions.

To learn more about Anne, check out her Meet a Mom blog here.


Brittani Persha Counseling

14760 Memorial Dr., Ste. 107, Houston, TX 77079

(713) 364-8645

Provides therapy services for children, teens, and adults to offer support for the whole family. Their specialty services include child therapy, parent coaching, relationship counseling, trauma/PTSD, anxiety, individual therapy, behavior problems, and family therapy. 

To learn more about Brittani Persha Counseling, check out their Small Business Saturday blog here.

Online Support


Back After Baby

Postpartum recovery – Rehab based workout program for moms in all stages of motherhood including an online rehab-based workout program with education on all things postpartum.


Better Postparum

Better Postpartum is a comprehensive 8-week holistic wellness program. This program features interviews with homebirth midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, nutritionists, postpartum support specialists, baby sleep consultants, and more, who all have one goal in mind: to tell you how YOU can improve your postpartum experience.


Nourishing Nugget

Melissa is a Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Breastfeeding Educator, and Mama. She has a fabulous blog and social media pages providing humor, real life moments, a community of like minded mamas, and a wonderful places for education, empowerment, and encouragement for moms of all stages. Follow her on Instagram (@nourishing_nugget) and Facebook (@nourishingnugget). 

To learn more about Melissa, check out her Meet a Mom interview here.


Under the Hood Physical Therapy

Based out of Hurst, TX, but offers virtual PT to all of Texas. Dr. Lacey Welch is a Doctor in Physical Therapy and specializes in pelvic health. She also has an amazing Instagram full of encouragement. Follow her: @underthewomanhood



Pediatric Dentists for Frenectomy


Kidstown Dental

Dr. Amy Luedemann

27110 Cinco Ranch Blvd #900, Katy, TX 77494704

(281) 394-7040


Wellspring Dentistry

Dr. Mehta

2780 FM 1463, Suite 203, Katy, TX 77494

(281) 894-3003


Pelvic Floor Health

*To learn more about pelvic floor health, check out our Ask The Expert blogs on Postpartum Care & Physical Therapy, and Postpartum Care with Back After Baby.


Back After Baby

Postpartum recovery – Rehab based workout program for moms in all stages of motherhood including an online rehab-based workout program with education on all things postpartum, in-home wellness checks 2-3 weeks postpartum, one-on-one in-home physical therapy visits, local workshops, and classes.


Center for Restorative Pelvic Medicine

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Julie Brewer, PT, DPT, WCS, BCB-PMD

Katie Beckham, PT, WHNC

Houston Methodist West Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation
18300 Katy Fwy., Medical Office Building 2, Ste. 525, Houston, TX 77094
(832) 522-8200


Beckham Physical Therapy & Wellness

Katie Beckham, PT, WHNC

West Houston, TX 77079

(281) 728-4604

[email protected]

Katie has years of experience as a pelvic floor PT and allows women the privacy and convenience of visiting her at her home office in West Houston/Memorial home.


ChristiMD Medical Group

Methodist Medical Office Building One
18400 Katy Frwy, Suite 530, Houston, TX 77094

(281) 542-8124
[email protected]

Christi Pramudji, MD is an expert in comprehensive Female Urology and Urogynecology. She is one of the first urologists in the country to receive board subspecialty certification in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, and she is the only Urologist in the state of Texas with a practice dedicated exclusively to female patients. Dr. Christi is uniquely qualified to treat female pelvic conditions, ranging from common urinary tract infections to incontinence to reconstructive surgery.

To learn more about Dr. Pramudji, check out her Meet a Mom blog here.


Hope Rehab Katy

2 locations:

21938 Royal Montreal Dr., Katy, TX 77450

(281) 944-0001

2002 W. Grand Parkway N., Ste 125, Katy, TX 77449

(281) 710-9001

Have PT’s that specialize in women’s health and pelvic rehab.


Spero Rehab 

Adrienne Chaddick: Doctor of Physical Therapy with post-doctoral training in pregnancy, postpartum, and pelvic floor rehabilitation

23225 Kingsland Blvd., Suite 600  Katy, TX 77494

(281) 395-9090


Under the Hood Physical Therapy

Based out of Hurst, TX, but offers virtual PT to all of Texas. Dr. Lacey Welch is a Doctor in Physical Therapy and specializes in pelvic health. She also has an amazing Instagram full of encouragement. She offers support online and always up for answering your questions about pelvic floor health. Follow her: @underthewomanhood

Prenatal & Postpartum Massage


Meredith Harris, LMT

(346) 205-4257

Meredith is a local massage therapist that whose services include prenatal massages.


All Is Well Spa

2001 Katy Mills Blvd, Ste I, Katy, TX 77494

(832) 913-8186


Elements Massage

LaCenterra, 2643 Commercial Center Blvd, Ste. B340, Katy, TX 77494

(281) 299-3138


Massage Heights

Cinco Ranch

6501 South Fry Road Suite 900, Katy, TX 77494

(281) 816-6991

Cross Creek

27120 Fulshear Bend Drive Ste 800, Katy, TX 77494

(832) 981-5668


Sleep Consultants


Bedtime Boss

Caroline Pavlinik, Certified Sleep Sense Consultant, based in Houston


Dreamweaver Sleep Consulting

Corey Cenateimpo, certified Sleep Sense consultant, based in Connecticut, but can work with you over the phone to create a plan for your child and first phone consulatation is free!

[email protected]

Check out Corey’s guest blog: Five Steps to Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night



Good Night Sleep Houston

Magda Jansen, certified sleep consultant, based in Houston

3D/4D Ultrasounds


Stork Vision

22511 Katy Freeway, Suite 400, Katy, TX 77450

(832) 785-2399 

Mom owned business offering state of the art 2D ultrasounds, 3D ultrasounds, and 4D ultrasounds in a variety of packages that include CDs, DVDs, and photos as keepsakes to treasure forever.

To learn more about Stork Vision, check out their Small Business Saturday feature here.


Ultrasound Services

440 Cobia Drive, Suite 704, Katy, TX 77494

(832) 437-8860

Ultrasound services – offers diagnostic exams as well as 3D, 4D, and HD Live (and heartbeat animals!).

For more resources, After Love Postpartum Doula has a great list here.

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