2023 New Year Wellness Resource Guide - Katy Moms

Welcome to Katy Moms Network‘s 2023 New Year Wellness Guide!

Most of us enter a new year with some sort of goals and resolutions, but to actually obtain those goals, we thought it might be helpful to know the local resources available to you. The following businesses would LOVE to help you achieve your New Year goals – whether your goals are related to fitness, wellness, diet, mental health, financial freedom, getting your home in order, or even self-care/beauty goals, we believe we have the best of the best Katy businesses listed here that would love to support you!

Plus, we’re sharing lots of KMN Exclusive Discounts!



HOTWORX is a virtually instructed exercise program created for users to experience the many benefits of infrared heat absorption, while completing a 30-minute Isometric workout or 15-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session. As the infrared heat penetrates your body causing you to sweat, the isometric postures further accelerate detoxification by physically removing the toxins from your organs through muscle contraction.

Our patented sauna combines heat, infrared, and exercise– what we like to call “3D Training”– and makes HOTWORX a workout unlike any other fitness program available!

Three Katy area locations to choose from! AND YOUR FIRST CLASS IS FREE!


Evolve Lagree

Evolve Lagree is a fitness studio that exists to provide group workouts for everyone. The instructors are welcoming, accommodating and strive to make sure our clients do not feel intimidated or discouraged when getting back on the workout wagon. Lagree Fitness is a unique method that combines strength training and cardio to provide a high intensity, low impact workout that is safe for all fitness levels and ages. All classes are 45 minute, instructor led full body workouts focusing on legs, upper body and core. After just a few classes you will feel a difference in your endurance, flexibility and stability. They have classes as early as 5:15AM and as late as 8:30PM – open 7 days a week! They also offer private and semi-private class options (think girls night out, work outing, team building, family torture  ) Be warned – it’s addicting!

Contact: 2721 FM 1463 #400, Katy, TX 7744; (832) 437-3097

Website: https://www.evolvelagree.com/

Instagram: @evolvelagree

Facebook: @evolvelagree

Cycle Bar Katy

CycleBar exists to invigorate. Our riders come to feel alive. To live in the moment, and live for themselves. Because they know whether they ride the best in class or are just starting out, CycleBar is where they belong. Our Indoor Cycle Theatre blocks out the stress of the world, the distractions of life, and lets you focus on YOU. We are a place of community, inspiration, motivation, and are welcomed with a sense of belonging.
Special KMN Discount:
1st Free Ride
$99 for Unlimited for Life
$79 for 8x a month for Life
NO ENROLLMENT FEE; plus exclusive private ride for Katy Mom Network Members when they join! (Have to mention Katy Mom Network).


Orangetheory is a heart-rate based HIIT total-body group workout that combines science, coaching and technology to guarantee maximum results from the inside out. It’s designed to charge your metabolism for MORE caloric afterburn, MORE results, and MORE confidence, all to deliver you MORE LIFE.  Orangetheory is more than a gym because the work you do here in our studio will make all the difference out there in your world.

Our workout is not HIIT. It is heart rate-based interval training, where our certified coach will guide you through our 5 different heart rate zones: resting, easy, challenging, uncomfortable and All Out, telling you when to push harder and when to pull back for recovery. The goal is to spend 12 minutes or more with your heart rate elevated in “The Orange Zone” to boost your metabolism, burn fat and burn more calories.

Pure Barre Katy

KMN mamas get a FREE Class. They also have their current Membership offer of 23% off your first month of an Unlimited Membership with a 3 month commitment. 
Pure Barre Katy
2717 Commercial Center Blvd Suite D140
Katy, TX 77494
Instagram: @purebarrekaty ( https://www.instagram.com/purebarrekaty/ )
Facebook : @purebarrekaty https://www.facebook.com/purebarrekaty/ )
 Pure Barre is a full body workout that transforms your mind and body. Our musically-driven group classes focus on low-impact, small movements that strengthen and tone your entire body in 50 minutes or less.  
  • Movements are inspired by ballet, pilates, yoga 
  • Full body sculpting / toning  
  • Low-Impact / High-Intensity workout – easy on the joints 
  • Isometric exercises and high repetition small / targeted movements   
  • Body weight exercises with light weights for additional resistance 
  • Class is set to upbeat music / high energy 
  • Taught by highly-trained teachers  
  • For any age and fitness level  (Min 16 years old)
We offer 5 different  Class formats. Cross Training is important for full-body strength and rotating your exercise routine provides physical and psychological benefits. 
Pure Foundations 
Foundations class is the perfect introduction to the Pure Barre technique in a smaller class setting.  Foundations class is offered 4 times a week. Mornings,  Evenings, and Weekends. Choose a time that is convenient for you.
Pure Barre Classic
Our original class and the fastest, most effective low-impact, full-body barre workout. 50 Minute workout of a series of low-impact, high intensity isometric movements designed to strengthen and tone your entire body and improve flexibility.
Pure Barre Empower
Our fusion of barre and interval training. Elevate your heart rate, build strength and rev your metabolism in 45 minutes. This class uses ankle weights and a plyometric platform to target your muscles at an invigorating pace.
Pure Barre Reform
Full body barre workout that targets your major muscle groups through resistance-based strength training. A blend of barre and resistance- based movements that build your strength, coordination and balance using resistance bands, sliders and the barre
Pure Barre Align
A combination of our classic strength-building barre technique with a unique emphasis on flexibility and balance training to deliver a total-body workout and restorative experience. In 50 minutes, you will focus on various types of stretching to increase your joint mobility, while maintaining focus on muscular strength and stability using our Pure Barre Classic positioning and the barre to enhance your alignment and take your mind-body connection to the next level.   

Use Promo Code: KATYMOM at checkout

Health & Wellness

FLOATspa Katy

Whether it’s PAIN RELIEF, STRESS RELIEF, INCREASING ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE through muscle recovery, help relieving ANXIETY & DEPRESSION or just REST – FLOATspa is the place for you! They have 8 different therapies/modalities to help you and can come up with the perfect combination to help you reach your goals. They offer Floatation Therapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Target Cryotherapy, BrainTap, Compression Therapy, HydroMassage, Infrared Sauna (Far and Near) and Massage Therapy (relaxation, deep tissue and cupping). FLOATspa has all of the R’s for you! Rest, Relax, Recharge, Restore, Reboot, Revitalize, etc!

SPECIAL: Get 25% off entire visit now through end of February. Use code katymoms25 when you book online or mention at checkout. 

Call to book! 832.321.3459 

Contact: 21733 Provincial Blvd. Suite 810, Katy, TX 77450; (832) 321-3459

Website: https://www.floatspakaty.com/

Instagram: @floatspauskatytx

Facebook: @floatspauskaty

Lindsey’s Elderberry Co.

Elderberry syrup is an all-natural, cold and flu remedy and has been used as such for centuries. Not only does it successfully reduce the severity of your symptoms, but it also shortens the duration of your illness and even inhibits the replication of certain viruses. If it’s anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties weren’t enough, it is also high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and is a great daily immune boosting preventative. Elderberry syrup also assists in lowering and regulating blood sugar levels, treating sinusitis (sinus infections), and helps reduce symptoms from seasonal allergies. Lindsey’s Elderberry syrup is made using only USDA Organic ingredients and raw locally sources honey. With that said, you know that you’re getting the very best in quality ingredients and you’re also helping to support our local bee farmers.

Discount: $2 off until March 1st and 20% off for new customers!




Facebook: @LindseysOrganicElderberrySyrup

Katy Elderberry

Since bringing our first daughter home in 2011, we started looking at health and wellness in an entirely different light.  Being in control over someone else’s well-being blew our minds.  It started with little changes in our home and has progressed over the years. 

This included everything from the products we use in our home, to how we treat cuts and scrapes to fevers and illnesses, and everything in between. 

Organic Elderberry Syrup has been a delicious staple in our home.  We’ve loved sharing it with friends and family over the years and it has slowly grown to include their friends and their families.  We offer 16oz and 8oz in both a honey version and maple syrup version (for those younger kiddos), as well as a DIY kit! 

10 years from the beginning of our start with Organic Elderberry Syrup in our own home, we are honored to be welcomed into your homes.


Instagram @Katyelderberry

Website – www.katyelderberry.com

LOGO – See attached

10%off Code through end of February code: KMN10

Rose Therapeutic Farm

Our little farm offers so much more than just yoga with goats!

Our homestead offers a local family farm in a peaceful country setting just minutes outside of Houston, TX. Goats, Bunnies, Mini Piggies, Daryll the Cow, Mini Horses, and Chickens create a wholesome therapeutic environment that is fun for everyone.

Join us at ROSE Therapeutic Farm & Goat Yoga for a fun-filled relaxing day of nature, adorable little Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and a vivacious yoga flow class, or try one of our other Farm Experiences!

We still hold Goat Yoga Classes most weekends but now we offer soooo much more 🙂 Family Farm Tours – Baby Goat Snuggle Sessions – Pumpkin Carving with Goats (offered seasonally) – Equine Therapy and Much More!

Our mission is to encourage well-being by allowing the community to escape the city and experience the “simple life” surrounded by nature and farm animals.


Book your tickets now!  www.rosetherapeutic.farm
Use Code $5OFFNOW to get $5 Off your first booking!

Healthy Eats & Drinks

Balanced Foods Katy

Balanced Foods is offers Healthy Pre-Packaged Meals for those on the go!

Mommas, Balanced Foods was made for you in mind! Every day you put everyone first! They are putting YOU first and will make sure you have the BALANCE you’re trying to get.

ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE – IN JUST 3 WEEKS? Eating Healthy has NEVER been easier! And all you need is 3 WEEKS to reach success! Take the Balanced Foods “May Adams” 3 Week Challenge! Balanced Food will create your meal plan to meet your goals, prepare your meals fresh, and help keep you on track. Meeting your weight loss goals have never been easier. DID YOU KNOW – 80% of people who don’t meet their weight loss goals say it was too hard to meal prep?? Do you know why May Adams and others continue to succeed? They have Balanced Foods making it easy! All meals are fresh, never frozen, & ready in under 2 minutes in the microwave! Just GRAB and GO. A quick 30 minute consult to learn your goals, find your fav foods and BAM! You’re on your way to losing those stubborn unwanted inches and pounds!

Eat better. Live Better. Feel better.

Contact: 7109 Katy-Gaston Rd, Katy, TX 77494

Website: https://www.balancedfoods.com/

Instagram: @balancedfoodskatytx

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Balanced-Foods-7109-Katy-Gaston-Rd-Katy-Tx-004-103063158292655

Abbie’s Plant Based Cuisine

Abbie’s Plant Based Cuisine is a weekly 100% plant based meal prep service that posts new menus every Monday, orders due by 6 pm on Wednesday, pickup/delivery on Sunday. Lunch & Dinner meals are $13.00, and Breakfast Meals are $11. Plus, they have other items for sale such as walnut meat by the pound, vegan salad dressings and soups/chowders/stews by the cup, quart or gallon.

Website: https://www.abbiesplantbasedcuisine.com/

Instagram: @abbiesplantbasedcuisine

Facebook: @abbiesplantbasedcuisine

Main Squeeze

Main Squeeze’s mission is making healthy easier®, and the company’s nutritionist-designed, superfood-centric menu does exactly that by offering a daily source of plant-based nutrition packed with natural and quick energy. The concept’s proprietary recipes feature dietitian-designed, chef-inspired cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies, along with one, two and three-day juice cleanse programs, wellness shots, and açaì bowls created from organic and wild-harvested açaì berries from the Amazon rainforest in Northeast Brazil.

Main Squeeze Juice Company also believes in loving others, animals and the ground beneath us. The company is passionate about offering a 100% Plant Powered menu, protecting the environment through biodegradable and recyclable packaging and seeking to change the lives of those looking for a healthier and more convenient way of fulfilling their nutritional goals.


koldprezz is a family ran and operated business offering organic, unprocessed juice with no preservatives or processing, and using 100% organic ingredients (no added water or sugar).  Along with their Organic cold pressed juice, they also offer Organic Acai bowls and Organic smoothies. They are doing business right – putting customers and their product first, but also valuing and supporting their employees. Koldprezz can be found on Mason Rd and are now offering delivery to your doorstep for their cleanse!

From koldprezz: Thank you for keeping us in Business. It is a hard time for everyone and certainly for Small Businesses.  Please HELP all the Small Business around you. Happy New Year. THANK YOU.  

Contact: 829 S Mason Road, 250, Katy, TX 77450; (346) 704-5653

Website: https://www.koldprezz.com/

Instagram: @koldprezz

Facebook: @koldprezz

Nekter Juice Bar Katy

Nekter Juice Bar Katy, located in front of Villa Sport and across from Thompkins High School, is their fifth location in the greater Houston area. They specialize in freshly made-to-order acai bowls, juices, smoothies, juice cleanses, and warm superfood oatmeal. Nekter aims for total ingredient transparency by eliminating hidden fillers, unnecessary sugars, processed ingredients and artificial flavors. Just clean, healthy eating made convenient! Their Nekter App works across all of the locations in the area, allowing you to order ahead (great for busy moms!) and rack up rewards towards free menu items. Right now they have a bunch of amazing cleanses and detox programs. Visit their website or visit in store to learn more!

Contact: 9920 Gaston Rd #190, Katy, TX 77494; (281) 574-1970

Website: https://locations.nekterjuicebar.com/ll/us/tx/katy/9920-gaston-rd-190/ 

Instagram: @nekterhouston

Facebook: @NekterJuiceBarKaty

TO ORDER click here


Sea Veggie

The Sea Veggie began as a need to share with local moms and friend the wonderful benefits of sea moss. Sea moss is an edible and medicinal algae found in abundance in the Caribbean, the Northeast shore of the United States, and in Ireland. This panacea has been used for centuries as a complete mineral and vitamin supplement. Even during the Irish famine, the Irish were able to survive out of eating potatoes and sea moss (Irish moss). Not only does it provide almost all the essential minerals and vitamins our body needs, it is also versatile in its use. Need a quick botox lift? say no more! Put a sea moss mask on. Your face will be filled with YOUR natural collagen! Need a hair mask? apply sea moss to the scalp for a refreshing sensation and natural curl enhancement. You can also use it as egg replacement when cooking and baking! Sea moss works by keeping the body hydrated. It is also an excellent source of natural iodine (which supports the thyroid in managing your metabolism), vegan omega 3, B-complex vitamins, and as a bonus removes that unwanted excess mucous from the body.

There is so much more that can be said about sea moss, but don’t let anyone tell you about it! Try it for yourself! Reach out to us to learn more and purchase your first bottle.


Website: theseaveggie.com

Instagram: Instragram.com/theseaveggie

Facebook: facebook.com/theseaveggie



New Years’ Special: From now until the end of February, enjoy 10% off with code: KATYMOMS whether online, or by mentioning it in person.

Mind Body Genes

Becca Roses is a Certified Epigenetics Human Performance Coach. She created Mind Body Genes to help educate clients on their genetics and offer custom wellness recommendations.

It’s my life’s mission to help YOU feel more confident and empowered by providing you with your blueprint for limitless wellness and leveling up your mindset. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take all the guess work out? To have all the answers from your body in order to live in your best health? Our genes hold the codes. I help you to discover your limitless potential and optimize your health!

Website Link: www.mindbodygenes.com 
Special Katy Moms Discount: $100 off any DNA Blueprint Package *email [email protected] to book

Chiropractic Services

Cornelius Chiropractic

Dr. Ashley Cornelius DC is a mom and chiropractor with her practice located in Richmond, TX. She serves all ages in Fort Bend County but focuses mainly on babies, children and pregnant mamas. She has been practicing 10 years and absolutely loves what she does. She enjoys helping moms have a more comfortable pregnancy, giving babies the best start to life and helping children thrive as they grow. It’s so important to educate families about chiropractic care and how it can help create better health and improve their quality of life. Dr. Ashley looks forward to helping more families in 2023!
New Years’ Special: As a part of the Katy Moms New Year’s guide, Dr. Ashley is offering 20% off your first visit! The new year is not just about starting good habits, but helping you keep them so Dr. Ashley is excited to help you and your family! (Visit discount can apply to multiple family members. Visit discounts expire 6/2023)
Contact: 1305 FM 359 Suite F Richmond, TX 77406, (281) 896-0250


Hartland Chiropractic & Wellness

Hartland Chiropractic & Wellness is a boutique practice in Old Katy trusted for providing high quality chiropractic care in our community over the last 2 years. Dr. Kimber is Webster Certified and specializes in pregnancy, pediatric, and family wellness chiropractic. Let us care for you with the compassion and personalized attention your whole family deserves. Voted “Best Chiropractor in Katy/Fulshear 2020” by Living Magazine!

New Years’ Special: Mention KMN when booking to receive $20 off your New Patient Visit. (Limited to one discount/family.)

Contact: 5803 2nd St #2, Katy, TX 77493; (832) 913-6530

Website: https://www.hartlandchirowellness.com/

Instagram: @hartlandchirowellness

Facebook: @hartlandchirowellness

Home Cleaning

EBF Cleaning Services

EBF Cleaning Services is a family (mom and daughter) owned and managed cleaning company based in Katy, TX. With over 15 years of experience, they specialize in residential and commercial cleaning. Their services include weekly/monthly service, deep/one time service, move in/move outs.
Mention KMN and get $20 off your first cleaning!

Phone: (832) 330-1099

Instagram: @ebfcleaningservices


Facebook: @ebfcleaningservices

KTX Window Cleaning

KTX Window Cleaning, LLC is family owned & operated! They take pride in every job done right and strive to give the best customer service possible! KTX offers professional interior/exterior Window Cleaning along with Exterior Cleaning Services such as Pressure Washing, Mildew/Mold Treatment, Solar Screen Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Whole House/Building Wash, and much more to make your home or business enhance curb appeal! They were honored to be voted Katy Business Association “Business of the Year 2019” and “BEST OF KATY 2020 – BEST Window Cleaning Company”!

Mention KMN for discounts!


Website: https://ktxwindowcleaning.com/


Instagram: @ktxwindowcleaning


Facebook: @KTXWindowCleaning

UpFront Home Services

UpFront Home Services is an Aggie Owned and Veteran Founded Carpet, Upholstery, Air Duct, Area Rug, and Tile and Grout Cleaning Service. UpFront just opened a new facility on Mason Road for Area Rug Cleaning where they pump 80 gallons per minute through rugs and roughly 4,000 gallons is circulated through rugs!

New Years’ Special: $20 off online booking

Contact: (832) 303-3546

Website: http://www.upfronthomeservices.com/

Instagram: @upfronthomeservices

Facebook: @upfronthomeservices

Green Pest Guys

Dalin and Kris Russell lead the Green Pest Guys (and Gal) in south Houston. Kris was one of the very first Green Pest “Gals” to start building the company with experience working in Houston, Dallas and Utah, all while earning her Bachelors degree. With a Masters degree in Civil Engineering, Dalin has experience in structural and geotechnical engineering. His work with residential design allows him to look past the brick and mortar, get to the root of the problem, and tailor each service to the clients needs. Together they enjoy educating their clients on integrated pest management practices for lasting results. Having three kids themselves they understand the need for reliable, Eco-friendly service to protect their homes and keep their own rug rats safe. 


Dalin Russell – Chief Green Pest Guy

9711 S. Mason Rd. Suite 125-124
Richmond, TX 77407

Phone: (832) 786-0088

Mental Health

Anne Russey Counseling

Anne Russey Counseling provides therapy for moms, including postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety treatment and general anxiety counseling. If you are feeling weighed down by the invisible mental load of motherhood or experiencing caregiver burnout, counseling may help.  


Anne is a licensed professional counselor and provides online counseling to adults located within the state of Texas. Anne Russey Counseling is an LGBTQ+ affirming provider.


E-mail [email protected] to schedule an initial appointment or to request a free 15 minute consultation.


Website: http://www.annerusseycounseling.com/




Facebook: @annerusseycounseling

West Houston Psychology

West Houston Psychology strives to support all individuals in accessing competent and professional therapy and evaluation services. They are particularly dedicated to supporting individuals in marginalized populations, including people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and individuals with financial barriers to treatment. West Houston Psychology sees you. At WHP, their clinicians create a safe, affirming space where you can be your authentic self and receive the support you need to be great. They specialize in treatment for depression, anxiety, trauma, racial/cultural stress, and relationship concerns for adolescents and adults. They also offer evaluation for ADHD, for bariatric surgery candidates, and for parents interested in adoption. Let WHP partner with you and create a plan for mental wellness in 2021 and beyond!

Contact: 633 E. Fernhurst Drive, Suite 504, Katy, TX 77450; 832-906-4434

Website: https://www.westhoustonpsychology.com/

Instagram: @WestHoustonPsych

Facebook: @westhoustonpsychology

The Well Counseling Center

The Well Counseling Center is a group of licensed therapists and interns led by mother-daughter duo, Connie Beckham and Carly Kirk. As Katy natives, we are passionate about providing hope to the individuals, couples, and families in our community. We feel that it is truly a blessing to walk alongside our clients as they seek to grow and heal. Check out our website for more information on therapy services, support groups, and to see which of our counselors may be a good fit for you.

Social Media: @thewellcounselingkaty

Organizing + Deep Clean

Complete Clutter Control

Lisa Munkvold is a busy Katy mom of three and has been the owner and professional organizer at Complete Clutter Control for the last eight years. Lisa has a passion for organization, but even more so, she has a passion for helping busy families of all sizes create order in their homes. She wants to help her clients make their beautiful spaces functional, and their functional spaces beautiful!
Lisa tackles everything from playrooms and closets to kitchens and pantries. No project is too big or too small, so whether you only have a couple of cluttered drawers and cabinets in your kitchen, or your playroom is a full-on disaster zone, Lisa can help. 
She also helps families during periods of transition, whether that means newlyweds joining households, parents bringing home a baby, or empty-nesters reclaiming their space when the kids move out; Lisa is there to help make the change go as smoothly as possible.
Special 6-hour organizing mini-package for $599 
10% off any other organizing package
(must book before 6/30/2023 to take advantage of offers)

Detail Cleaning Services

Detail Cleaning Services is a professional maid service company who helps busy professionals and moms with their home cleaning needs. One of our missions is to not only provide an excellent cleaning service to our busy clients but to also offer a job our employees can be proud to be part of. 

As a Veteran owned company we understand the meaning of serving others. We hire, retain and live by our core values: commitment, trust, care and positive attributes that everyone in our team has. By embracing these values we are able to provide our clients with not only an awesome cleaning but also great customer experience from the moment our clients reach our company. We only hire about 1% about that apply to make sure we have the best team.  All our employees are vetted, background checked and go through a rigorous training program. 

We are not your typical cleaning company. We are trying to make a difference in our community. When you use our services you are also supporting our local Veterans, Cancer patients, and families who have been impacted by Autism. Not to mention the great pay and benefits our employees enjoy!

Links to websites/Social Media
Katy moms can get 10% off using code Katymoms

Sarah Ziese with the Fitzpatrick Group works hard to educate regular people just like you on how you can retire in the 0% tax bracket.  Their main goal is financial education for all clients.  They believe that individuals have the right to fully understand how their money truly works and how taxes, fees, and market volatility can truly disrupt a financial plan without proper education and understanding. They specialize in working with anyone from individuals to small business owners, helping their clients put in place a plan that is most efficient, individualized and backed by real math. Educational financial consultations are complimentary.

Contact: 281-770-8339; [email protected]

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-ziese-fitzgrp/

Facebook: @sziesefitzgrp

Flourish With Brittany


Believer. Coach. Contender.

Until you can believe – truly believe – God has more planned for you and life can look different, I will contend on your behalf. I’ll show up to every session and work alongside you to help you uncover God’s Truth about who you are. In love, I’ll challenge you to see things from new perspectives and help you find what you might be missing.

You’ll emerge from entrenched ways of thinking and autopilot reactions. You’ll begin to see in new ways and feel like your old self again, that girl who got lost somewhere along the way. And you’ll finally step into the truth that you have everything it takes to be all that you are.

I’m equipped to do this because it’s work I’ve done myself. You were created on purpose, and it’s time to live like it.

I help women who are tired of white knuckling life get free from perfectionism and fear so that they can live the life God created them for.

Beauty From The Inside Out 

*Also see Fit & Healthy Health Spa in the Health & Wellness category

Elite Dermatology

Patients throughout the greater Houston area can get comprehensive dermatology care under one roof at Elite Dermatology.  Under the direction of Connie Wang, MD, the team collaborates together to ensure each patient gets essential preventive skin care, as well as modern treatments for chronic conditions. While patients can get care for a realm of skin issues, some of the most commonly treated conditions include acne, melasma, hair loss, and eczema. The team even has extensive training in diagnosing and treating melanoma and complex cases of skin cancer.

As leading dermatology experts, the team at Elite Dermatology also provides the latest in aesthetic treatments.  They offer a range of cosmetic treatments from injectables, to non-invasive body contouring, to minimally invasive anti-aging procedures.

Every team member is dedicated to ensuring patients are treated with empathy and respect at Elite Dermatology. They strive to provide the highest quality individualized care for each patient. Patients regularly commend the team’s friendly, energetic, and experienced staff.

Katy Location Contact: 4603 FM 1463 Rd. Suite 100, Katy, TX 77494; (281) 612-0050 (Elite also has an office in Kingwood & Vintage Park)

Website: https://www.elitedermatology.com/

Instagram: @elitedermatology

Facebook: @EliteDermatology

Skin Care by Monik

Monica Nuevas is a Master Esthetician with over 20 years of experience in the Medical Spa field, and Microneedling Educator for MDPen Co. Her services include facials, chemical peels, microneedling, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, eye last lift, waxing, and more!

Website: https://www.skincarebymonik.com/

Instagram: @skincarebymonik

Facebook: @skincarebymonik

Idrip Health

We are a concierge/ mobile IV vitamin infusion service. Life is stressful enough; getting an IV infusion should not be! We administer IV bags packed with nutrients, vitamins, and add-ons for symptomatic management in the comfort of your home or office. We also offer many selections for vitamin injections and custom weight management products. From illnesses such as viral infections and migraines to wellness for cellular rejuvenation and a rapid “pick me up,” the IDRIP HEALTH team has you covered!

We are based out of Katy but travel to the surrounding areas making our clients feel their best in the comfort of their homes. We guarantee our team will have you feeling better before your infusion is done. So beat the long wait times and hassles of an in-office appointment and contact the IDRIP HEALTH team for your next individual or group infusion at your convenience.



Call or text 1-805-400-DRIP (3747)

Mention “Katy moms” at your first appointment and get 15% off your service or a free B12 injection with the purchase of an infusion. 

Pelvic Floor Health

West Pelvic Wellness

Pelvic Floor Therapy with West Pelvic Wellness

Katy Office: 24530 Kingsland Blvd Suite B Katy TX 77449

Concierge appointments for Katy TX and Surrounding

Virtual Appointments for all of TX

Call/Text (346) 246-3823

West Pelvic Wellness is Katy’s first Mama owned and operated pelvic floor therapy practice. Dr. Alyssa Easley PT, DPT is passionate about treating pelvic floor dysfunction at any age and stage of life, but has a special place in her heart for helping other Moms. Dr. Easley focuses on whole-body function and holistic wellness when it comes to pelvic floor concerns. With her guidance, you can overcome bladder issues, bowel problems, pain, sexual dysfunction, prolapse, diastasis recti, enhance your postpartum recovery and prepare for birth. Dr. Easley specializes in techniques like myofascial release to address muscle tension and pain, trigger point dry needling, cold laser therapy and more to provide long lasting symptom relief so that you can live the life you love without pelvic floor dysfunction. West Pelvic Wellness offers office visits in a quiet and intimate setting near the heart of Katy, concierge services in the comfort of your home and virtual visits. 

Use code: KMN for $10 off registration for the Galentine’s Brunch+ Pelvic Floor Workshop on February 11th! 

Unconstipated Kids

Serving children and their families throughout our community to help them achieve their toileting goals through innovative and effective care.

The world tells us that the topic of toileting is uncomfortable and taboo. This societal acceptance makes it extraordinarily difficult for those with toileting challenges to seek the help they need! Unconstipated Kids has a mission to bring pelvic health, toileting success, and general wellbeing to children and their families. Through education, skilled services, and a passion for wellness, Unconstipated Kids strives to elevate each of its clients to a higher level of health through excellent service.

Unconstipated Kids serves children and their families throughout our community to help overcome toileting woes, and improve their child’s toileting successes and independence. Mama founded and run by Dr Caitlin Keller, Unconstipated Kids utilizes innovative and effective care to overcome things like constipation, poop and pee leaks, nighttime bedwetting, and more. Services are offered virtually or in-person, and continued care can be tailored to your child. Dr Caitlin is a Katy Mom and wife, and lives with her husband and two kiddos. When she isn’t helping families, she is playing with her kids, dancing with her husband, or crocheting – all typically with a hot coffee in hand! 
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