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Happy Monday, Mamas! We are so excited for today’s Meet A Mom and to introduce you to Lisa! She’s a Norwegian born Katy mama of three and professional organizer, y’all! Even the most type-A mamas could use a little help with things like organization, planning, and decluttering.
You know we’re all about things that make mom’in easier easier and Lisa’s business was made for mamas. Lisa is a wife and mama first, but started her business, Complete Clutter Control, because of her passion for helping others. She’s always had a knack for organizing and after helping a friend get their home in order after moving, she quickly realized she was on to something. Whether your trouble area is big or small, Lisa’s got you covered. From pantry and closet organization, to decluttering and sorting, Lisa’s goal is to help you create an organized space so that you can spend more time doing the things you love.
We chatted with Lisa about her business, being a mom, her favorite things about Katy, and her best advice for juggling mom life and a growing business. See her interview below!

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Katy?


I was born and raised in Norway. When I was a sophomore in high school we moved to Texas. When we first moved here we moved to Katy and I attended Taylor High School. Then I moved into Houston to attend University of St. Thomas and to work. I moved back to Katy with my family almost 9 years ago.


How many kiddos and how old are they?


I have three kids, 7 and 9 year old girls and a 5 year old boy.


One thing people would be surprised to know about you…


Besides the fact that I am from Norway….probably that I attended culinary school. I did not finish though, because I realized that chef was not the profession for me after all.


Favorite local things to do in Katy?


If you ask my kids, probably going to Altitude or Inflatable Katy. We also enjoy going to the Y and hanging out at the library!


What’s your favorite thing about Katy and why did you choose this community to raise your family?


My favorite thing about Katy is how family friendly it is. The schools are great and there are parks and restaurants all around. Even though it is away from Houston’s hustle and bustle it is still close to the city.


Do you have a favorite family friendly restaurant in the area?


Lupe Tortilla probably tops our list. We also enjoy Salata because my kids can choose exactly what they want and it is nice to have a healthy option.


What is your go-to activity for yourself for pampering or for fun in Katy?


I love going to the movies so when I have time off I usually go to either Alamo Drafthouse or Cinemark. As far as pampering, I unfortunately don’t carve out too much time for that for myself, but I really should! I have always wanted to check out Well Polished on 1463.


Funniest shortcut/routine for helping you through parenthood?


Hmm, that is a hard one. The funniest is probably the little saying I came up with for my son to remind him what to do when he came home from school: “Shoes, Jacket, Backpack, Hands.” He would chant this little line every day, then put his shoes away, hang his jacket, put his backpack in his cubby, and run and wash his hands to be ready for lunch. We had to change it a little this year since he is in Kindergarten so now it is: “Shoes, Backpack, Lunchbox, Hands.” Whatever works to make things a habit!


Best mom hack that makes your life easier?


I would probably have to say my “less is more” mentality. I do my very best to limit the amount of things we have in our house; this applies to everything from toys, to clothes, to supplies etc. I just don’t have time to spend all day picking up things; by having less clean-up is quick and easy. I also refuse to be a short order cook, what’s for dinner is what’s for dinner! 


What’s been the best way for you to meet other moms in the Katy area?


I have met most of my mom friends through my church playgroup and women’s ministry. I have also reconnected with ladies I went to high school with, once we were all moms and lead similar lives. I love meeting moms through child-friendly activities, since we are all in mommy-mode and can totally relate to each other.


Tell us a little more about your business! Sounds like it was made for us!


This spring I officially launched my professional organizing company Complete Clutter Control. Even though I have been an organizer for more than 3 years, it was not until this year that I launched my website and jumped into the organizing world with both feet.

A lot of people don’t know what a professional organizer does, but in short, I come into people’s homes or offices and assist them with purging, sorting and organizing their belongings. I create systems and solutions customized to each client. I work with people of all ages and in all stages of life. I offer services like hands-on organizing, DIY plans, assistance before and after moving, preparation for holidays and special events etc.

I absolutely love what I do, I especially love seeing how what I do affects my clients’ lives in a positive way. An organized space can have a lasting effect on so many areas of your life.


What was your inspiration behind starting this venture?


Originally, I did not have any intention of becoming an organizer, much less a business owner. However, a friend hired me about 3.5 years ago to help her get her house in order, and that got the ball rolling. I pulled from my previous corporate and hospitality work experience and found that I really enjoyed organizing. My friend was very happy with the end result and she passed my name on to friends and acquaintances. I then kept busy with clients I got by word of mouth, and I decided in March of this year to make Complete Clutter Control an official business and to do this full time.


We love anything that makes mom life easier, do you think you business caters to busy moms?


Mom’ing is definitely hard. Not only is it tiring, but a mom’s plate is always full! I think the biggest way my business makes mom’ing easier is by helping put systems in place that make day-to-day life easier. My clients say they get overwhelmed by their clutter, but working with a professional enables them to make a plan, keep going, and staying motivated to get things done. A house does not have to be in complete disarray to decide to hire an organizer, even small disorganized areas can make daily tasks difficult and frustrating. In addition to organizing physical things, I can also help develop daily routines and deal with time management issues. My job is much more than giving my clients an organized space they can enjoy with their family. I also want to give my clients time back, time they used to spend looking for things and trying to rework systems that just don’t work!  Sometimes it is just a matter of having a fresh set of eyes and someone with the mental energy to plan and execute the organizing of a space. By organizing what you own, you can not only reduce visual clutter, but you can also transform a space into the kind of space you want.


How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?


Our community is so diverse and filled with entrepreneurs and small businesses that all work hard and achieve great things. I love how my job has enabled me to connect with others in my community on a new (professional) level. In addition, my friends and acquaintances have been my biggest cheerleaders in this process. There is nothing like when women (especially moms) build each other up and encourage and support each other!


What is your best advice for juggling mommyhood and running a business?


Sit down and make a good daily routine; block off your time and stick to it! As a business owner there is always more work I could be doing, but I want to make sure to give my family and friends the time and energy that they deserve too!


Who most influenced you to be the mom you are?


My core values and beliefs come from my parents and my sisters. My sisters and I fought like cats and dogs one minute and were best friends the next. I would love for my kids to have the kind of relationship with each other that my sisters and I have. When I was growing up I loved having my mom home. She was always available and taught me real life skills that served me well when I went into the adult world. I personally think I am a better mom and a better person when I do a mix of work and home. That is part of the reason why I have chosen this particular career path. By starting my own business, I can set my own work hours and still have the kind of flexibility in my schedule that allows for staying home with a sick kid or attending a field-trip and such.


Best advice for working moms, stay at home moms, or work from home moms who experience the dreaded and inevitable mom guilt?


Remember you are human, so allow yourself to be human. You can only do so much, so let that be good enough.


When parenting gets tough, what’s something you tell yourself that keeps you going?


I tell myself there is always tomorrow. There is a Norwegian children’s song that always comes to mind when a day has been particularly tough. Loosely translated it says: “You will get a day tomorrow, all new and unused, with blank sheets of paper and crayons too.” It is my reminder that tomorrow is new day with a clean slate. 


What would you tell the old “You” before you had kids?


Just you wait! You have no idea what is coming, both good and bad.


Be sure to follow Lisa & Complete Clutter Control on social media and head to her website to learn more about her business!







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