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Small Business Saturday, Featuring Succulent Bar

Jessica Siefert is a Katy mama of two and owner of Succulent BarFrom DIY succulent planting tables, to succulent gifts, favors and centerpieces, Jessica can literally can do it all, mamas! Succulent Bar even provides you with the option to create your own succulent masterpiece by designing custom party favors which are unique and so much fun!
Jessica started Succulent Bar so that she could spend time interacting with the two things she loves, succulents and events. She grew up surrounded by plants, as her mother owned a nursery called The Plant Menagerie. More than just the element of plants and nature, Jessica is drawn to the design and look of the succulent and cacti plants and sees them as another element of home decor. She’s also got an extensive background in events, from Wedding Planning, Corporate Events and Concert Production and studied Interior Design in college. By combining her passion for events and design, Succulent Bar was born and has blossomed!

Jessica credits her husband and beautiful children for making this business possible, as they are the center of her universe and inspire her daily to be the best she can be.
We got to chat with this inspiring, creative mama and businesswoman about Succulent Bar, her tips for other mamas wants to brand out in to entrepreneurship, and how she keeps it all together!
Read our interview with Jessica below!

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Katy?

Grew up in Richmond, TX and moved to Katy in April.  We needed more space for our growing family and business and fell in love with a charming home in Nottingham Country.

When did you start Succulent Bar?

April 22nd 2017 – by accident.  I planned on announcing my business to the public in September of last year and received an opportunity to present my company to a neighborhood women’s club in April.  I was nowhere near ready to make this happen, but I did. Two days later I started booking events and have since executed over 200 events since then. It has been such a whirlwind, a HUGE learning experience, has come with many highs and lows but the best is yet to come.  This company has seen such tremendous growth in such a short amount of time and I cannot wait to see what’s ahead.

What was the inspiration behind starting your business?

I was an Event Planner for 9 years, studied Interior Design in college and my mother owned a Nursery and Cut Flower Farm when I was young…and here we are!

Tell us about Succulent Bar- your purpose, your goals for this business, and all the services you provide!

My company tag line is…”So much more than just party favors.  Succulent Bar. An Experience. A Unique Activity. A chance to Grow memories with the ones you love.”
Goal- Open a store front where people can purchase succulent gifts and centerpieces as well as host workshops.  
Services- Succulent favors, gifts, centerpieces and interactive succulent events and workshops.

Have you always been this creative!?

Yes and sometimes I wish I wasn’t!  It gets expensive and I’m always trying to overdo everything.  

What did you do before you opened your business?

I was an Event Planner and in Business Development.

Name one thing that makes you unique in your space or industry?

We have people from all of the country reach out about our services because I’m not sure there is a company that has the same service offerings as we do.  For this reason, I feel like we have gotten way more attention than a young company deserves. It is an extremely unique service and people gravitate towards it because of that.  

What’s your favorite thing about being a business owner in Katy?

More than owning a business here I feel  so blessed to be living in a place I feel safe and can raise my children in a neighborhood with their schoolmates.  We are 1 minute from my sons school which is everything to me.

How has the Katy area community had an impact on your business?

We just moved to Katy and are excited to have the opportunity to really market my company to the Katy area just yet.  Stay tuned!

What’s one thing you’d like to go back and tell the you before you were a business owner?

It will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.  It will cost WAY MORE money than you could imagine. You will spend your days so overworked and exhausted but the HIGH moments will help you keep going and will allow you to keep on keeping on.

Advice for anyone wanting to start their own business?

REALLY be sure you are willing to give it what it takes. Honestly that’s all you need at the end of the day.  Just as long as you are willing to give everyday your best you can succeed.  

When things get hard, what’s one thing you tell yourself to keep going when running a business?

I don’t want another boss – I would rather go through the hardships and be my own boss.

How do you balance being a business owner, wife, and mama?

Like the little engine that could.  I think I can, I think I can! Chugga, chugga, chugga, choooo-chooo!!!

How has being a mother inspired you to take on this journey into entrepreneurship?

My children make it all worth it to me.  I get to take them to school and kiss them before they hop out of the car.  I get to pick them up at car pickup and be there to give them a snack after school and hear all about their day.  Sometimes I feel like I am half assing mommyhood because I am stretched so thin but then I remind myself that what I am doing is better than seeing them for two hours after a 9-5 job before bedtime.

When you’re not making beautiful succulents, what can we catch you doing on the weekend?

Honestly I work so much right now as I am mostly a one woman show.  I am pushing this company hard right now in hopes that I can hire a full time employee or two so that I can have more of a life outside of work.  I am willing to put in the work to get this company where it needs to be and it’s truly a family effort. My two year old plays in the dirt with me when I’m doing arrangements, my son works Farmer’s Markets with me and has become quite the salesman and my husband…he is incredible.  He does so much behind the scenes from the accounting, the heavy lifting and even painting pots when I need it. I know that doesn’t sound like we have any fun but we are learning to make the best of our new normal .

Future plans for your business?

I would love to eventually have a storefront and hire full time employees! 

Any special, sales, or deals our Katy Moms can look out for?

Going to be offering some amazingly creative Christmas gifts that I will put on pre-sale November 1st. Stay tuned!

To learn more about Succulent Bar, visit Jessica’s Website and Facebook page!







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