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Small Business Saturday, featuring SweetpeaBlooms


Taylor Borcik is the mama owner behind SweetpeaBloomsShop and we are in love with the stuff she makes! Taylor is such a talent and creates from her heart. Charity and giving back are also always on Taylor’s heart and she’s continually giving a portion of her proceeds to causes near and dear to her heart.

Her daughter Elliot was the inspiration behind her shop, as well as Taylor’s dad who always called her Sweetpea growing up. Shortly after having her daughter and deciding to be a stay-at-home mama, Taylor decided she really wanted to dig into her creative side. She slowing began making beautiful bows and headbands for her daughter and shortly thereafter, her Etsy shop was born! From amazing leather earrings, to the cutest little girl bows, you can find SweetpeaBlooms products on Etsy, as well as some local boutiques in Katy, Cypress, and Spring!
We got to interview this talented mama and talked about all things Katy, her blooming business, and her love for being a mom!

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the West Houston area?


I’m originally from Austin, TX. We recently moved to Houston in March of 2018 for my husband’s job. We moved from Lubbock, TX where we attended Texas Tech and stayed there for a few years for my husband’s career. We are so thankful to be here in Houston, much closer to family which is a huge blessing.


You mentioned your daughter was the inspiration behind your shop. When did the wheels start spinning for Sweet Pea Blooms and when did you officially open your shop?


Yes, my daughter was and still is the inspiration behind Sweetpeablooms. I was working full time prior to having her and I had always dreamed of staying home with our kids, while also making income. As girl moms know, hair bows can be expensive but so fun to dress them up in. I wanted to provide functional, yet cute and inexpensive way to help parents dress their babies in! That’s when I knew hair bows were going to be my creation, plus I had a cute little model by my side. Then a few months passed by and earrings were the next product being added. I wanted to create something for everyone, of all sizes. I officially opened up my shop July of 2017.

I love being able to help dress up someone or help them find the perfect accessory for that perfect outfit, whether it’s for babies or adults, that is my passion behind my shop. I specialize in faux leather hair bows and  genuine leather earrings. I recently added bracelets and necklaces as well.



Have you always been this entrepreneurial & creative?


NO! I have not always been an entrepreneurial ha-ha. However, it’s been a great adventure turning into one. BUT I’ve always love to create! I was in art classes while growing up and loved to paint in high school. When in high school/college I always thought owning a business would be amazing but I didn’t know what that would entail, if that would happen or even what it took to do so, but I’m so happy I took that leap, it’s been an awesome ride.


What did you do before opening your shop?


Before I started my business I was a preschool teacher for 4 years and worked at a non-profit for one year.


Name one things that makes you unique in your space! 


I believe giving back is huge! I grew up volunteering at multiple non-profits and going on mission trips, which has all taught me to love others deeply. Love is given in many different ways, I chose to give back. I’ve supported 2 causes so far(want to continue to do so) and its been amazing opportunity to do so for those people and their families. I particularly is very personal. My husband’s cousin, Stacy, whom I became close to within the many years I’ve been in the family, was diagnosed with a rare type of Liver cancer. When I first heard of her diagnoses, I instantly knew I needed to do something to support her and her precious family. While talking back and forth with Stacy about styles, we picked the perfect earrings that represented her fight against cancer. We were able to donate $200 to her, her husband and 2 kids. AMAZING!!! Unfortunately, Stacy lost her battle to cancer in September. She was diagnosed and died within 8 weeks, we were and still are heartbroken over this tragedy. It will never make sense as to why she was taken from us far too early but I feel grateful that I was able to donate to her family as they get through this very difficult time in their life.

As for the second cause, it’s for my college friend who was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She is fighting hard right now and not letting anything get in her way—Go Sydney!!! I created pink earrings for her fight, which 10% off proceeds will be donated towards her fight!


Favorite thing about being a small business owner?


My favorite thing about being a business owner is being my own boss! PLUS, I get to stay at home with my daughter. I enjoy the flexibility of my days/hours. I work a lot of events, so it’s a HUGE help being able to 100% focus on my business so I can attend events and travel if need be.


How has the Katy & Cypress community helped you grow your business?


Community is everything! Since I’m new to Houston, I’m still working on my community here, so I look forward to see where Houston takes me! I’m still in contact with several businesses/customers back in Lubbock, which is amazing a true blessings.


Best advice for someone wanting to start their own business?


Have patience. Patience is key when owning a business. You’re going to have a lot of downs before you hit a lot of ups, I call those learning moments. There is always room for improvement and strive for that every day. I would tell someone the same thing I wish I told myself before opening a business. PATIENCE. It’s hard creating a business in hopes others will love it just as much as you do. There are SOO many unknowns, but fight, fight hard and you will become successful.


What do you tell yourself to get through the hard period of owning your own business?


Things still get hard even after being open for over a year. You’re still trying to find yourself and where and what you want next for your business. I go back and ask myself, WHY I stared this and WHAT do I want from it. WHY, because I love being creative and sharing that with the world. Also being able to stay home with my daughter while providing an income. WHAT, I want to be successful.


How do you find balance in owning a business and being a mama?


Balance is tough, I know all moms can relate to that. It took me awhile to find it and I know I still struggle with it. I only work when my daughter is napping(yay for 3 hour naps!) and I only work for a little when my husband gets home. We make sure to all have dinner together and put our daughter down together. It doesn’t always happen that way because life happens but we strive for that every day and it’s been great.

I want to show my daughter that if you work hard towards a dream, it can turn into something amazing! Becoming a mother has been nothing but the BEST!!! Motherhood is amazing, exhausting, fun, energetic, wild, the list goes on! Most importantly, it has taught me to love and cherish all that I have. I love and cherish my family and I love and cherish this business.


Who inspires you most in business?


Who inspires me most is Jen Sincero, Author of, “You are a BADASS”. It’s the most inspiring and refreshing book on how to love yourself and to love what you do. Owning a small business can be tough and there is a lot of doubt. Once I started reading her book, I knew I was doing the right thing and I needed to keep going!


When you’re not making beautiful things, what can we find you doing on the weekends?


When I’m not making beautiful things, I am with my little family. It’s really important to me that we get out all together and go do something adventuress. Whether it’s the park, children’s museum, going to get ice cream, zoo, going for a walk, local events, or even out to dinner. I also love going to see movies, nothing beats a soda and movie theater popcorn!


Future plans for your business?


To keep growing in wholesale and to add more products!


Current deals for KatyMoms:

FREE shipping!! You can use code: FREESHIP in the Etsy shop!

Taylor also always takes custom orders!

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