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Small Business Saturday Featuring MyMigraine Headwrap and Founder Cindi Forster

Cindi Forster has suffered from migraines for over 30 years, many of them debilitating. If you’re reading this and also suffer from headaches, you know exactly the pain these migraines cause, sometimes pain lasting over 24-48 hours or requiring hospital visits.
Cindi had her medicine regiment down, but found it hard to relax while the medication took affect. She found that ice on her forehead was what helped, but getting it to stay in place was the problem. She tried other migraine ice/heat therapy products over the years, but nothing really did the job. So one day, she created one herself. She fashioned a forehead and neck wrap out of a motorcycle buff and from there, the idea for the MyMigraine Headwrap was born. To finally have a product that was soft against the skin, stayed in place, and addressed both major areas of pain was fantastic. Cindi and her team produced a working prototype, did their patent submittal, and a few months later, here they are!

Cindi has a passion for helping others. Knowing exactly what these migraine sufferers go through, she’s made it her goal to help people feel better. The best part? Cindi’s wrap is being used beyond just a migraine product. Its helped sinus sufferers (with heat therapy), TMJ patients, teeth pain, stress relief, back pain, etc.

We got to meet Cindi at a local event here in Katy and have followed her journey ever since. Her heart is big and there’s no doubt her business is heading in the same direction. So today we’re honored to share her story and passion for helping others with you, our Katy mamas! Check out our interview with her below!

Are you a mama yourself? If so, how many kiddos and how old are they?


I have a beautiful daughter who is a sophomore at Texas A&M.  She is studying business/marketing and is very active in her business clubs and Sorority Alpha Delta Pi.

Also a dog mom to 3 rescues.


Tell us the background of MYMigraine Headwrap and what the inspiration was behind it?


I have been a migraine sufferer for over 30 years and finally got frustrated with the lack of comfortable and secure ice/heat pack products.   The wet towel and soggy ice packs had to go.

After trying almost every migraine ice therapy product on the market, I created this to serve my purpose and my pain needs.



When did you make your first head wrap and when did you know you were on to something and decide to bring it to the public?


I made my first prototype on my mom’s kitchen table with a scrap piece of material, Velcro and a hand held sewing machine.  It wasn’t pretty, but I knew I was on to something.  I found a local seamstress to help me with the pattern and, after a few test runs changing and tweaking, we came to the final product model.  I found a patent attorney to do a patent search and file the patent for me.  All of this was done within 6 months.


You’re a migraine suffer, as well, so you know how debilitating they can be for people. How did you own experience with migraines help in creating the product?


My headaches have taken me out of the game (of life) way too often.  I have experienced episodes that have sent me to the hospital or to bed for days.  The one thing that I always had (besides meds) was a frozen block of ice (most ice packs) that I had to try to lay on.  I would have to try and relax while holding on to the ice or towel.  This was impossible to do, not to mention messy.   The idea of being able to relax with a soft ice pack that stayed in place so I could rest is what prompted my product.  No more hard ice, no more wet and slipping towels and no more frustration. 


Best way to use the MYMigraine Headwrap?


Oh gosh! We have gotten so much feedback on how customers are using theirs.  It’s a versatile wrap that can be used for heat, ice or both at the same time.  (It is designed w/ 2 separate pockets to accommodate both front of the head pain and base of the skull pain simultaneously)

All types of headaches – migraine, tension, vascular, sinus.  Face pain ( swelling, tmj, congestion).  Customers use it for lower back pain ( laying on both gel packs allows for slight lumbar support in lower back), knee pain, shoulder pain (putting across your shoulder and laying back on the packs).   It just makes me extremely happy to know its bringing comfort and relief in so many ways.


What makes your product unique in this space?


It’s the only product (patent pending) that has a dual comfort design.  It’s a soft one piece headwrap designed to fit snuggly (for added and constant pressure) and accommodate 2 soft gel packs that can be of different temperatures ( frozen or hot). The gelpacks fit into 2 separate pockets. The pockets can be placed on the forehead and the base of the skull to address both areas of pain.  You can turn the gel packs to where they are on your cheeks to help with sinus pain, teeth pain, tmj, etc.   



How can folks purchase a head wrap and what are you doing currently to get your product out to the masses?


We currently have a facebook page ( @MyMigraineheadwrap) and a website

We launched the company in September and have been selling thru our sites, as well as many vendor events.  I believe by the time we get to 2019, we will have 8 events under our belt.

In 2019 we plan on expanding our market from online sales to medical  and med spa sales.  This product could help in so many ways.


You took a product and are making it into a business—What’s your favorite thing about being a business owner in the this community so far?


The support and the excitement for the product, by far is my favorite thing.  To be able to show this to a fellow migraine sufferer and see their shoulders relax or share that look that says ‘ I get it’.    I had a need to serve my pain and in turn have been able to help others.  If I never sold another headwrap, this would be a success because I have helped others deal with their pain.


How has the Katy area community had an impact on your business?


Our sales are mostly online, but the welcome we get in any of our local communities when we do vendor events is amazing and so warm. 


What’s one thing you’d like to go back and tell the you launched into entrepreneurship?


I would tell her to believe harder and don’t let fear ever stop you.


Advice for anyone wanting to start their own business or create a product?


Believe and trust your heart.  If you have a need, than chances are, others do too.

Research the products similar in design.  Do yourself a favor and do a patent search to assure that what is in your head doesn’t already exist in the same manner.  And just do it.


When things get hard, what’s one thing you tell yourself to keep going?


I constantly remind myself how blessed I am to be able to do this and to be of service to others in the same situation that I found myself.   I don’t have any expectations as to when or where this will go.  I just enjoy where we are right now and just keep looking forward.


Who most inspires you in business or entrepreneurship?


Helping others.  Whether its providing a product to help reduce their pain, or being able to communicate w/others with the same issues, it inspires me to keep moving forward, that I am making a difference, no matter how small.


How do you balance being a business owner and your busy family life?


I own and operate another business other than the MyMigraine Headwrap.  I have had that business for 11 years now.  Once my daughter went away to college, I guess I needed something else to be passionate about and this was the natural thing to do.  It does get hectic with both and my 3 dogs.  I  have an incredible employee ( Jennifer) and friend who does an amazing job at keeping it balanced with me.


Future plans for your business?


In 2019, we hope to introduce another couple of colored headwraps.

We also are looking into doing headwraps for children.  We have been asked about those a lot.We also hope to take it to the medical and med spa businesses. Of course, we hope to increase our online sales and get out across the country.


Any special, sales, or deals our Katy Moms can look out for?


We currently have them  priced at $32.00 online.

If Katy Moms email me directly at [email protected] and use keywords ( Katy Moms), we will give a $5.00 discount on the product.


To learn more about Cindi and her product, visit them online & social media!


Social: @mymigraineheadwrap  (Instagram and FB)




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