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You guys know if we love something, we can’t wait to share it with you! Finding great products and great companies are so important when raising kiddos, so anytime feel like we hit the jack pot, we want to shout it from the roof tops. All of our favorite products we’ve used since becoming moms, have usually come to us as recommendations from other moms. That’s what moms do! “Where did you get the baby carrier?” “What’s your favorite baby shampoo?” “What’s the best baby swing on the market?” Polling your mama tribe can lead to some of the best purchases you’ll ever make!
We recently put our feelers out for the best swing set on the market, that also wouldn’t break the bank. And we were shocked to learn there was a local swing set company, right in our own backyard!

Why Tree Frogs?

We just could not wait for Christmas at our house, so we had our Tree Frogs swing set delivered a couple weeks ago and now we are wondering why we took so long to get one! For the first time in a long time, our kids actually want to go outside and play instead of asking to be on the Ipad. Now, that is a big win at our house! Our boy sons are two and high energy, literally bouncing off the walls high energy, so they need ways to get their energy out without having to load them up in the car to go somewhere.
With so many swing set companies out there, it was important for us to try to find a local, family-owned business. That can be hard to find when purchasing big things, so we made sure to do our research. There ended up being three main deciding factors for us: customer service, the fact that they are a local company, and the quality.
When we started our search initially, we reached out to Tree Frogs and spoke with the owners, a husband and wife duo who are so passionate about what they do, and immediately got a great vibe. Their energy was infectious. You know how much we love supporting local here at KMN, so as soon as we heard they were a local Houston company, we got excited. Being local means we get to deal directly with the manufacturer.
Once we decided to go with Tree Frog, we needed to decide on a style and price range. We had a hard time deciding on which set we wanted- we spent maybe a week obsessing with every small difference and detail, so the owner suggested we head over to their store location on the Beltway. Thank goodness he did because it was an easy decision once we saw them in person! We got to see the quality with our own eyes and even test some out. Their customer service over there is one of a kind! They were patient with us, didn’t rush us, and made sure we walked through each detail on each set.
Now, quality! These play sets are the best and built to last! So safe and built so well. Tree Frogs swing sets are built with chemically free, natural premium lumber which come from certified mills that have sustained yield forest management. Both redwood and cedar are naturally resistant to insects, decay and unlikely to warp or twist. And, because all of their lumber is chemical free and from sustainable forests, it’s not only healthy for families, but the world in which they play. We watched the installers build the set and they made sure to take their time to get everything right and ensure everything was secure and safe. Our backyard is not the most level, so they were happy to dig down to make sure it wasn’t leaning and put the anchors in each spot that touches the ground. This thing is secure! So secure that we can even get on and swing with our kids or slide down the slide!
We love having something in our backyard that gets us outside as a family and gets us playing together. Nothing makes you feel like a kid again like swinging, climbing, running, and sliding with your kids!

Tips on How to Gift a Swing Set from Santa

A Tree Frogs Swing Set would be the perfect Christmas present! Fun for many years to come and what an awesome surprise for the kids! They probably didn’t even think Santa could bring such big gifts! Here are some fun tips on how to gift a Tree Frogs Swing Set from Santa this year.

  • Do not try to have it built Christmas Eve
  • Pick a date for installation, and then plan to have the kids out of the house.
  • To be extra safe and to make it a little more fun for when the kids get home, wrap the windows to the backyard with wrapping paper.
  • Have a note from Santa ready, saying that he knew of the perfect gift this year, but it was too big to fit down the chimney and/or in his sled, so he had bring it early.


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Contact Information for Tree Frogs:

Facebook: @TreeFrogsSwingSets
Instagram: @treefrogsswingsets
Address: 4465 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N, Houston, TX 77041
Phone: 713-690-5552

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