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Wellness Wednesday, Featuring Hartland Chiropractic & Wellness


Mamas, you know we’re giant fans of chiropractic care, specifically during and after pregnancy. It’s helped us so much in our lives and anytime someone needs a little help, chiro-care is often our go-to advice.
We may be a bit biased, but we think the Katy area is home to some of the best chiropractic physicians! Chiropractic care has be instrumental in getting Nat’s back feeling better and we recently stumbled upon a new practice in charming downtown Old Katy! Dr. Kimberlee Barnhart is the owner of Hartland Chiropractic & Wellness which recently opened its doors to the Katy community.
Dr. Kimber is passionate about supporting families through each milestone of their lives and emphasizes the importance of chiropractic for everyone! She specializes in pregnant women, babies and children and believes by starting chiropractic care early in life, it can help you and your child avoid common health issues, while boosting the immune and nervous systems.
We got to chat with Dr. Kimber about chiropractic care and her business and thought she’d be perfect for our Wellness Wednesday feature! Be sure to read until the end for an awesome Katy Moms discount!

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Katy area?

I am originally from the Dallas-Ft Worth area (A sweet town very similar to Katy, called Flower Mound!) I moved to Houston for chiropractic school. And then moved to the West Houston area early last year for work! I keep moving closer and closer to Katy because I just love it!

When did you decide you wanted to be a Chiropractor?

Becoming a chiropractor was a decision that grew on me over time! Originally, I went to undergrad planning to attend traditional medical school. I wanted to be a pediatrician from as long as I can remember. But when I was getting close to graduating, I felt like medical school wasn’t the right place for me at the time. I wanted to take care of people more holistically, without medication and procedures, and really connect with them and invest in their lives more. I was working for an ENT when I had my own minor back injury that brought me into a chiropractor’s office for the first time. And I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt afterwards! From then, I started exploring the idea of becoming a chiropractor- and now here I am!

Where did you go to Chiro School?

I attended chiropractic school at Texas Chiropractic College here in Pasadena.

When attending school, did you study all forms of chiropractic care? What are some of the different styles out there? (network spinal analysis, etc.)

In chiropractic school, we receive broad training in many different techniques such as Diversified (which is what people are most commonly familiar with) and Activator technique. However, during school and afterwards I completed 200+ hours of additional training specifically in pediatric and pregnancy adjusting techniques such as Logan, Thompson, Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), and Craniosacral Therapy (CST).

What made you decide to open your own practice as opposed to joining an already established one?

I always knew I would open my own practice, it was only a matter of timing for me. But I did work for another established practice for a while before deciding to open my own practice.

What did you do before you opened Harland Chiropractic & Wellness and when did you open the doors at Hartland?

Before opening Hartland, I worked for a family practice in Houston and Sugar Land. I left in October to pursue opening my own practice. I was thrilled to welcome people to our brand new office when we officially opened to the public this past December! We are still brand new here in Katy!

Old Katy is so special. Why did you choose this location for your business?

You’re so right- Old Katy is beyond special! I decided to open my practice in this fantastic community first and foremost because it reminded me of home! Small town charm with wonderful people. My significant other grew up in Katy and his family still calls Katy home. I wanted to invest in a community that was close knit and charming, that really cares about and supports one another- and I’ve definitely found that here!

Tell us more about Harland Chiropractic & Wellness, what makes it unique, and different from other practices?

I am so proud of what we’ve built at Hartland Chiropractic & Wellness! We are a small, boutique family practice located (literally) in the heart of Old Katy- right next to the City Hall. We offer the highest quality, chiropractic care on a one-on-one basis. We give each person the time and compassionate care they deserve. We spend quality time with our patients to really invest in their lives and help them to achieve their own optimal health- which looks different for every person! Your whole family is welcome here, from your newborn and up. And I really go the extra mile to make the office a cozy, welcoming environment everyone can relax in.

What’s your main goal when treating your patients?

My primary goal when treating patients is to correct the CAUSE of their symptoms. There is a huge difference between adjusting a symptom vs. correcting the cause! We don’t want our patients experiencing the same complaint off-and-on for years so we educate and take proactive steps to prevent future issues. And for those people who simply value WELLNESS and optimal health- we support them in maintaining their highest level of comfort, motion, and vitality- so they can really live an enjoyable life! Our treatments are safe and comfortable for everyone.

Do you do any other work for patients in your practice? (i.e. stretching tables, rolling tables, medical massage, etc.)

We offer electrical stimulation, flexion-distraction table, instrument-assisted manual therapy (similar to Graston), rehab stretches/exercises, trigger point therapy… etc.

For any skeptics of chiropractic care, what would you tell them?

I get that question often! And I say: You only have ONE SPINE! It’s not like your teeth or car tires which can be replaced. You cannot fix or replace your spine- and every single thing your body does happens through of the spinal column. Practically anyone with a spine can benefit from chiropractic care! And I’d much rather see someone BEFORE they have a problem, not as a last resort when they’re in severe pain. However, just like every other medical procedure, chiropractic care may not be ideal for everyone. Part of my job as the doctor is to diagnosis and determine who IS a good candidate and who is not.
The majority of people find that regular chiropractic adjustments throughout the year help them reduce chronic tension, move better, think/sleep efficiently, and generally boosts their immune & nervous system function. I highly recommend that every person have their spine checked regularly to see how chiropractic may be able to benefit them personally! You can’t know if you don’t try!

Chiro care is said to help with many things, not just those in pain. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen chirco care help with?

The body is MADE to heal itself from within, so I wouldn’t say that chiro care helps in “crazy ways…” we just help your body do what is natural- so everything makes sense with relation to the body and the spine. However, I LOVE seeing chiropractic care help balance an expectant mother’s pelvis so a breech baby can move into a better position or so the mom has no pain throughout pregnancy! (Like who doesn’t love THAT!?) That’s my favorite! I also love seeing adjustments help reduce ear infections or improve breastfeeding in kiddos. And I love it when chiro care prevents surgeries! I could go on and on!

What is it about chiropractic care that makes you so passionate about reaching others with your mission?

This is such a great question! As I’ve said before, the power that made the body is fully capable of healing the body and keeping itself well- as long as WE don’t get in the way of ourselves haha. I’m passionate about chiropractic because we have such a special gift to offer our communities by providing SAFE, HOLISTIC, ALL-NATURAL solutions to common health issues! I want to educate my patients to live their best lives and invest in them so that they THRIVE! Imagine what our communities, parents, children, and families could do if we worked together to promote greater overall WELLNESS in Katy!? I’m passionate about showing people the possibilities for their health and way of life that they didn’t even know were available to them!

Advice for anyone wanting to start their own practice?

Oh goodness- it is such a big decision! A fabulously crazy, fun, stressful, frustrating thing! HAHA! I would say, plan, plan, plan. And then anticipate that there are a million things you never planned for! HAHA! Find a FEW mentors who inspire you and do what you do- ask tons of questions and learn from them when you can- but also trust your own gut and instinct on things sometimes too. But most importantly- believe in your VISION and your GOALS to keep yourself focused. And ALWAYS give your support and encouragement to other local chiros and medical professionals because we aren’t competing with each other! We are working TOGETHER in our communities.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a business owner and as a doctor?

I think my biggest challenges as both a business owner and doctor are: Finding time to do everything! (Can I get an amen ladies?!) There are always a bazillion things on my to-do list and let me tell you… I will NEVER cross them all off haha. And that’s TOTALLY okay! I’m always juggling and always doing the best I can do balance my personal life and my work life on a daily basis. Just like everyone else! And also, knowing I can’t please everyone all the time and I can only help someone as much as they want to be helped.

Future plans for your practice?

I have so many fun and wonderful plans for our office!!! We will hopefully be incorporating massage therapy into our services in the next year, which will be so nice. And we are already working on offering way more community events, socials, and classes here in our office!
**Keep an eye out actually for our ZUMBINI SUMMER CLASSES starting in June!! (Think Zumba, music, and dance for your toddler & young kiddos so you can get out of the house! WAHOO!) We are partnering with Kendra’s Korner to bring these awesome classes to Katy! Every momma with children 0-4 will definitely want to check it out!**

Any discounts or specials our moms can look out for?

YES!! We already have a great deal up on the KMN deal/steals page for 20% off your new patient visit. That deal is always available for KMN followers.
However, as a special treat to celebrate Wellness Wednesday and KMN mamas- if you call to schedule a new patient appointment with us in the next TWO WEEKS (be sure to mention our KMN Wellness Wednesday post!) we will give you $50 off your first visit! That’s our BIGGEST discount… because you deserve it!

For more information on Hartland Chiropractic & Wellness and Dr. Kimber (Kimberlee Barnhart), be sure to visit their website and give them a follow on social media! 

Website & Social Media:  Website: hartlandchirowellness.com
Facebook/Instagram:  @hartlandchirowellness

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