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Meet a Mom: Cherryl Finney, Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Wine Consultant for Scout & Cellar

Did someone say wine!? Today’s Meet A Mom feature knows a thing or two about the good stuff, representing a brand that specializes in clean-crafted wine, delivered right to your door!
Cherryl Finney is a local Katy mama, holistic life coach, and wine consultant for Scout & Cellar Wine. Sound like someone you want to be friends with? Us too! And you’re in luck because Cherryl will be giving out free wine samples at our Moms Night Out event this Wednesday evening at Board & Brush.
We got to chat with Cherryl about her journey to health and wellness, the all natural way, and how she followed her heart to help others do the same. And, of course, we chatted about wine and why Scout & Cellar might just be a mama’s cure to the dreaded next morning wine headache!

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Katy area?

I was born in Missouri, raised in Idaho, and moved to Spring, TX in 1986.
I have lived in the Katy area since Dec, 2013. Prior to that, I lived in Kingwood, TX.

How many kiddos do you have and how old are they?

I have one son who is 32 currently living in Tampa, FL.

What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in the Katy area?

I haven’t had that opportunity, but I think that the quality of the schools and the fact that there are LOTS of parks would be the best thing I that I see about Katy Area.

What’s your favorite local things to do in Katy for fun?

Live music at local area Restaurants and Fulshear House Concerts.

Greatest Gift about being a mom?

OH WOW!!!  Tough questions, because that is a long list.  I have to say since my son is now an adult, It was to have him tell me I did a great job.  I also have to say it is a lot of fun hearing my own words of advice being given to others by him.

One thing people would be surprised to know about you.

I ride American Saddlebred Horses competitively.  What a thrill! They are said to be the peacock of the show ring. Lots of spunk and expression.


Tell us about being a Holistic Lifestyle Coach?

Holistic Lifestyle Coach is helping others to truly change their lifestyle and not just lose weight.  It is teaching someone how to shop (read labels and what to avoid), cook (simple dishes with big flavor). I teach people to understand that they can live a healthy life.  It doesn’t have to be a hassle and you CAN still eat out and be with friends.

When did you begin this career?

Around 2004 I was in so much pain and the doctors weren’t helping. They diagnosed me with all the norms. Such as: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, depression and the onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I went to several doctors and got nowhere. I did come away with a lot of prescriptions, none of which I was willing to take. Because no one wanted to talk to me about WHY I was having these issues, they just wanted to give me medication to help with the pain, etc. So after going to several Mainstream Dr’s and a few Nutritionist and not getting anywhere. I set out on my own to understand what was going on.  I studied, read, and listened to anything I could get my hands on that sounded like might be my issue. That has been a journey of about 14 years. Once I got myself under control, I realized I was not unique. The problems that I was having is what is going on with most of the US and it can all be resolved rather quickly.

What did you do before getting into health & wellness coaching?

I worked for Continental Airlines for 21 years.

What was the inspiration behind being a Holistic Lifestyle Coach?

I wanted others to live a pain free life as I am without prescription drugs.

What services do you offer your clients?

First consult is free…. Then we make a plan and depending upon your commitment to yourself I will coach you through my 5 / 30 / 60 / 90 day programs.
During the program we shop for food, learn to cook and learn what is junk food in your home.
These days it isn’t easily recognized. My job is complete when you start understanding what you are feeding yourself and your family.  Food & Drink can be medicine or poison.

You also sell Scout & Cellar wine, how did you get into that?

This is the easy question. I LOVE wine.
As a Health Coach I had to get serious about what was in my wine.  
In most mass-produced wines, there is more ADDED sugar in a bottle of wine then a glazed doughnut. Did you know that?  THEN if that isn’t enough to detour you. The amount of chemicals and colors they add is crazy. Not to mention most grapes are grown with pesticides. They do not have a nutritional label so they can hide all of that from the user.

Tell us about how Scout & Cellar wine differs from the regular store bought wines out there?

The biggest difference is the grapes are grown pesticide free. Most are grown Biodynamically and even dry farmed.  The grapes are tested in the vineyards for pesticides and again after becoming wine they get tested again. The next biggest difference is they never add any colors. Have you ever stained your fingers eating grapes? Yeah, me either. There aren’t any synthetic preservatives or added sugar in the wines either. The only sugar in S&C wine is from the grapes.  
This is VERY much the style that most other countries produce their wines and have for hundreds of years. Ever been out to the country and enjoy the wine?  If your answer is yes. Then you will really like these wines.

Selling wine and offering wine tastings sounds so fun! What is your favorite part about selling Scout & Cellar?

I get to do what I Love, drink wine with friends AND I get paid. If this sounds like the best job ever, we should talk.


Best advice for working moms who experience the inevitable and dreaded MOM GUILT?

Oh BOY Mom Guilt. I raised my son as a single Mom, for the majority of his life. So, that was a big deal in my house.  BUT, I will tell you from experience. Feeling guilty and trying to make up for it by giving them things is NOT what they want.  What they want is any time you have to give them. If you have to work or want to work, either one is okay. But when you are with your kids be present. Set apart some designated time during the week that is a scheduled time, that you put on your calendar and don’t break the date.  Act like they are the most important client, person whatever the case maybe and give them your time. You don’t have to go to an amusement park or even at any kind of entertainment center. Go throw a ball, play dress up. GET on the floor and play with your kids. Clear the room of furniture, turn the music UP and dance.  WHATEVER!!! They won’t require much if you start the practice early. Those are the times my son seems to remember.

Who has most influenced you to be the mom you are today?

The most influence had to be my Mom and Grandmother. I had a pretty GREAT childhood. There wasn’t a lot of money involved, but I had people in my life that I knew with out a shadow of a doubt loved me. That is what I wanted my son to feel.

When parenting gets hard, what’s something you tell yourself that gets you through?

God wont ever give me more then I can handle.
I used to tell my son, “You are going to change the world, because God wouldn’t put me through this for nothing.”
Parenting is pretty much all hard.  There are times that it is JUST all worth it.  Those times come from a look, a touch or even declaration your child will give you. Grab those seconds and hang on to them, for the hard times.  I still remember my son’s HUGE grin when he was riding his first, lil plastic bike for the first time. Still warms my heart. Hang onto those times they declare “I did it.” WRITE the stories down.  You may not think you will forget, but you well. It is so much fun to tell the stories and read them years / months or even just weeks latter. Things that you thought were life ending will just be a memory or a lesson. God gives you both, be sure to embrace them.    

To learn more about Cherryl, her coaching, or Scout & Cellar wine, make sure to follow along on IG & FB, and visit her website:

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