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Small Business Saturday: Green Pest Guys- South Houston & Owner Kris Russell

We’re not sure it’s common to say you love your pest control guys, but we LOVE our pest control guys! We met Kris & Dalin Russell through another Katy-area mama after complaining that we needed some help with a bug problem, but didn’t want the toxic chemicals in our home and around our family.
Thank goodness we learned about Green Pest Guys! These guys are different, in the very best way! Not only are they the sweetest, local family-owned business, but they use products we can trust around our babies and pets!
At Green Pest Guys, green is more than the products they use, it’s truly their philosophy. There are many non-chemical actions that can be taken to prevent pests from entering your home and Kris & Dalin have made it their mission to help families get rid of unwanted pests while keeping families safe.
Their pest control program includes products with the least amount of toxicity. This includes natural, organic repellents such as Wintergreen, Rosemary and Thyme as well as botanical based products such as those derived from the chrysanthemum flower. This combination of products allows them to fight mother nature with mother nature!
How cool is that!?
The best part about this company is Kris & Dalin’s approach to customer service and building a true relationship with their customers. When they come in to assess your home and do the first treatment, they leave and you feel like you’ve made two new friends! We had such a blast getting to know them when they treated our home and we know they treat everyone like this!
They’re parents, they love the Katy area, and they love servicing the families in our community!
We got to sit down with Kris who’s a fabulous mama and business owner about her family business and what sets them apart in pest control industry!

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Katy area?

I’m originally from New Jersey, but we moved to Texas when I was 11. I grew up in the Spring area, where my family started Green Pest Guys. When my husband and I decided it was time to start our own branch of the family business we decided to move to Richmond and that was a year and a half ago.

You are a mama, too! How old are your kids and what are their names?

We have 2 kiddos who are 17 months apart! Cesillie Dee who is 3 and John Otto (we call him Otto) who just turned 2.


What did you do before becoming a business owner?

Because my father and uncle started Green Pest Guys when I was a kid, I was blessed to grow up working in many capacities in the business. Although I knew I had a place in the family business as an owner if I wanted it, going to college was important to me and I took the opportunity to get my bachelors degree. During my college years I continued to work with my uncles at the different family locations building them up.

Green Pest Guys is a family business, which we love! When did your family start the business and when did you take over Green Pest Guys South Houston?

My family started Green Pest Guys when I was around 15. Growing up in a business minded family I knew that I wanted to own my own business one day. At the time I wasn’t sure that would mean owning a branch of the family business or something else. During college my husband Dalin and I met and we talked about the possibilities but knew it would have to be on God’s timing.Two years after Dalin and I married our precious Cesillie Dee came into our lives and I knew I wanted more time to adjust to motherhood and all the joys and hardships it brings before we jumped into ownership. Three months after Otto came into our lives the God made it very clear we were to start up Green Pest Guys South Houston and we were ready.

How has the Katy area community impacted your business?

Katy is such a established city with so many wonderful tight knit communities. We have found that our wonderful Katy customers have been so willing to recommend us to their friends/family and we’ve so blessed by their recommendations.

What makes Green Pest Guys unique in the industry?

The first, and most important I believe, thing that makes Green Pest Guys unique is the fact that because we are a smaller, family run business we really strive to create a relationship with our customers, be transparent, and have them always know that we care. Second, because we are an Eco-friendly pest service we believe being green is more than just a product use it’s the philosophy of being aware of where and how we are treating your property. There are many things homeowners can do around the house to naturally help protect their family and we try to go above and beyond to help advise you on those things.

What services do you offer your clients?

We are a comprehensive pest service so we can offer:  General Pest Service, Mosquito treatments, Termite treatments, Flea/tick treatments, German roach treatments, Rodent trapping, removal and sealing of entry points (exclusion) and bed bug services.  

Can eco-friendly pest management be just as efficient as the other pest control companies that use chemicals?

Yes! It’s a common misconception that because we are using organic and botanical based products, they won’t be as effective as harsh chemicals but this is false. The first, and biggest, testament to this is the fact that we are still in business! All of our family offices would of failed rather quickly I believe if our customers weren’t seeing great results.  We aren’t using a “spray and pray” strategy when it comes to your pest problems. Our products are equally as effective, we provide a guarantee on our services, and come with the peace of mind that you are choosing the best option out there for your family.

Tell us why using organic, natural, and botanical based products was important to you and your family? What are the negative effects of chemical pesticides?

I found, as many other moms out there have as well i’m sure, that one’s outlook on life and what’s important changes overnight when you become a mother! Things that you might not have paid as much attention to for yourself now become a top concern for the well being of your child. Once I became a mother I appreciated so much more the fact that my families business used green products that gives me the peace of mind that I’m not having my children around harsh chemicals. There’s so many things as a parent to become aware of that it can be overwhelming, but i’m grateful that I can now provide that peace to other parents as well as the owner of Green Pest Guys South Houston.

You and your husband own Green Pest Guys South Houston together – Any advice on working with your spouse?

I find the best thing a couple can do when working together is never forget to acknowledge all the other does as equal partners. It can be easy to get in the flow of things and view each others roles as “this is just what you do” and forget that everyone needs words of encouragement and gratitude. From the words of our favorite tv show The office, “I acknowledge and appreciate what you have done…..”

Who inspires you most in business and who inspires you most in motherhood?

My father is the person who inspires me the most when it comes to business for many reasons, but the biggest thing that stuck with me through my whole life was the fact that my father was/is  extremely generous to others and wouldn’t think twice when it came to helping someone. He works hard at his business and because of it I’ve seen him help countless people and change their lives. I always appreciated the fact that he viewed his business as a tool to helping others and I knew that I wanted to one day have that same ability.

Since becoming a mother and realizing how you soon become aware of all your inadequacies, I’ve found that I am not inspired by one single person, but many women in my life who help me realize I’m not alone in my inadequacies and who remind me that we are all trying our best. My weaknesses are others strengths and my strengths their weaknesses.
We are all playing the guessing game of motherhood and I so love and appreciate the women around me that are great examples to me and true friends.

When things get hard, what’s one thing you tell yourself to keep going when running this business?

I remind myself of a main goal I’ve had my whole life to be able to get to the point in life that I can comfortably help and service those around me when needed with my time and my money. I want my children to grow up in a home that they learn to think outside themselves, be thoughtful and generous and what I do to build my business now pushes me closer to my goal.

How do you balance being a business owner, wife, and mama?

I wont say I’ve mastered it….Finding balance is and ever-going battle, but I feel as tho I grow in different ways at different times and I am constantly learning more about myself and what I can do to come closer to balance.

Do you experience the dreaded ‘mom guilt’ and if so, how do you deal?

Of course! Is it possible to not? As women we are so critical of ourselves so I think thoughts of quilt are always going to creep in, but I remind myself that I’m not perfect and I’m trying my best. I try to remind myself of all the positive things and ask God to help me in all the areas I’m lacking.

Future plans for your business?

I’d love to find ways to serve in our community and have our business be able to give back.

Any special, sales, or deals our Katy Moms can look out for?

We’d like to offer our Katy moms $75 off their 1st service when they get set up for our recurring service plan.

For more information on Green Pest Guys & the team, be sure to visit their website and follow along on social media!

Website & Social Media:, @greenpestguys,


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