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Small Business Saturday: The Noble Fox Shop


Kalia Hattori, is the owner and operator of The Noble Fox Shop, is about to celebrate the one year anniversary of their online boutique she created for children and their families that also has a mission of giving back.

Currently living in Houston with her husband and son, they opened their doors on their adorable online shop July 1st, 2018.  Their son and a desire to make a positive impact in this world were the biggest inspirations behind the name and creation of The Noble Fox Shop.
When Kalia was pregnant, there was a family of foxes that lived in their backyard and they would frequently see them curled up on the patio or rolling around in the grass, providing some exciting and adorable entertainment.  They even had a baby around the same time Kalia and her husband had their boy! As a result, their son has a ridiculous amount of fox themed items and they warmly refer to the fox as his spirit animal.
The name Noble not only reflects the meaning of their son’s name, but also the idea of being honorable. Kalia says their goal is to create a space that helps families and their little ones, but also calling attention to causes and organizations that are actively making a difference for future generations.
From baby items, to bags, to hoops and accessories for all, this shop has something for everyone. Although one would classify them as an online boutique selling artisan goods for children, their mission is actually much greater.
They are driven by a motivation to give back. Each month they choose a different organization, cause, or charity to give a percentage of their sales to.
We got to interview this awesome, talented mama about her business, new products to come, what local markets you can find them at around Houston, and of course mom life!

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Houston area?

Originally from the Pacific Northwest and have now resided in Houston for nearly 2 years.

You’re a mama to a little boy! How old is he?


Yes!  I’m a boy mom to a hilarious & spirited 2 year old.  I’m now 6 months pregnant with a girl.  So I’m just ensuring I never sleep again.


What did you do before opening your business?


A lot of different things, but Real Estate and parenting mostly.

When did you launch The Noble Fox Shop?


Last year July, so we are near our 1 year anniversary!

Tell us a little about your business and the inspiration behind starting?


I’ve attempted a few entrepreneurial experiments in the past, but none of them had the massive inspiration behind being a parent.  I had a much clearer subject matter once my son was born.


What makes your online store unique?


I’d like to think our inventory is unique collection for parents to one stop shop.   But mostly that we give back to some incredible and deserving organizations.

Tell us about your mission to give back and what charity the proceeds of your sales go to.


There are so many wonderful organizations creating something bigger then themselves and leaving lasting impacts.  We want to support and be a part of their mission in some small way.  Our passion really resides in helping children’s education and well-being.

We’re giant advocates for supporting local! Tell us how the Houston community has gotten you where you are now.


The Houston community has been so embracing!  They have helped me meet other entrepreneurs and be a part of some amazing local markets. Meeting community members face to face has been such a great experience.

Can you tell us the meaning behind your shop name?


My son’s name means Noble.  And long story short… because a family of foxes lived outside our house when I was pregnant with my son, I of course assumed a fox was his spirit animal.

Favorite products or line of goods you carry? What are the most popular?


I love all our products!  But I especially love our fair trade handmade baby rattles and it seems everyone else does as well.

Future plans for your business?


Keeping up the current pace for now!

Besides online, how can our mamas get their hands on your products?


Local markets! So follow us on Instagram to keep updated on when and where we’re popping up around the area.

Best advice for anyone wanting to open their own business?


Write up a business plan, talk to other entrepreneurs and start networking.

Favorite thing about being a business owner?


Working from home mostly and having full creative control and input.

Hardest thing about being a business owner?


Finding that balance! Learning to be time efficient and effective is an ongoing battle.



Who inspires you most as an entrepreneur?


My dad is a small business owner and was able to successfully run the business for over 40 years.

How do you balance being a business owner and your busy family life?


As well as I can! Again trying to set boundaries and managing your time effectively.

Do you experience working mama guilt? If so, how do you deal?


Every day.  Drawing the line to work during nap times and at night help.  It can’t always be the case, but in most instances I try not to have my phone and computer take precedence.

Any special, sales, or deals our Katy Moms can look out for?


Stay tuned to our Instagram – we’ll have some giveways coming up soon!

For more on The Noble Fox Shop, be sure to check out their website and follow along on social!



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