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A local dental practice finds an impactful way to give back to their community

There’s very little that makes our hearts soar more than seeing the people of our community giving back in meaningful ways that can truly change lives for the better. That’s why we’re dedicating today’s Wellness Wednesday feature to the Dentists and Staff at Studio Dental of River Park in Richmond who are all about serving their community and doing good.

Run by a husband and wife team, Dr. Tien Dang and his wife Tiffany, Studio Dental operates with passion. They love family, community and improving the lives of those they touch. Everything from the details and design of their office to the name, of their practice were well thought out so they could represent who they are to their patients.
The design of the office has an art gallery theme to symbolize artistry, tailored care, and what Tien and Tiffany call their relentless pursuit in improving patient’s overall wellness. With this in mind, they chose to name the office “Studio Dental”, as they want it to be seen are more than an office it’s more than just an office- it’s their studio where their passion in art meets their goal for continued excellence in healthcare.
It’s this same heart and passion for helping people that led them to give back to the community with their new initiative, Project Smile.
At Studio Dental, they’re offering a complete smile makeover to one lucky person. People can apply online and nominate themselves or someone else and they’re taking applications until the end of July. All you do is send a picture of your smile with the reasons why you’d love to be chosen for this.
They’ll then select three finalists and bring them in for a complimentary comprehensive exam (including radiographs, photos, study models, etc.) and prophylaxis. After this, they will select a grand prize winner!
The inspiration behind starting this initiative was wanting to find a meaningful way to give back to the Richmond community. And because they specialize in smiles and understand that one of the first things people notice about you is your smile, they wanted to give a great one to someone in need.
A smile is more than something cosmetic to most- it provides a lasting impression that can drive how you interact with the world around you. Sadly, many people struggle with their smile and find their smile holds them back from reaching their full potential. Dental procedures are not always easy on the budget, even with insurance, and some don’t have accessibility to trustworthy, knowledgable dentists.
When we heard about this great cause, we couldn’t wait to help Tien and Tiffany shout it from the rooftops! People who give back in meaningful ways like this that can truly change someone’s life, is what we need more of in this community and in this world.
We’re thrilled today to feature this awesome practice, their cause that they hope to be doing more, and share our interview with this husband and wife team who have the biggest hearts!
**If you would like to apply for Project Smile or nominate someone, CLICK HERELast day to enter will be July 31st!**



Tell us a little about your practice and how you’re unique!


We are a state-of-the-art dental office that offers a comprehensive list of services for all areas of dentistry for the whole family. What makes us unique is our “Studio” ethos, which represents our belief that dentistry is an artform that can change and improve lives. This Studio-centric design also makes you feel that you’ve stepped into an art gallery, which helps to alleviate your anxiety, and improve your feeling of relaxation.

Introduce yourselves to our mamas! Where are you from and how long have your lived in Richmond?

Hi there! My name is Tiffany La, and I’m the office manager of Studio Dental of River Park, and wife of Dr. Dang. I spent a majority of my childhood in Richmond, and attended Calvary Episcopal Preparatory. My grandparents have been living in Richmond for as long as I can remember, and they used to babysit me and pick me up from Calvary after school. So, it’s safe to say that I’m a Richmond baby!


Hello! I’m Dr. Tien Dang, protector of mouths, breaker of bad breath, and wizard of straight teeth. I was born in Toronto, Canada in the middle of February, which is often the coldest time of the year. After completing my Doctorate of Dental Surgery at New York University College of Dentistry, I decided that I wanted to move to a place that was summer year-round – a place they call “Texas”. I’ve only been in Richmond for about 8 months now but have found that I actually feel “at-home”. The community has been extremely welcoming, and I couldn’t be happier with the relationships that I’ve built with my patients who I now look as friends.

What’s your favorite thing about having your practice in such a family oriented, close knit community?


Our favorite thing about being located in this family-oriented and close-knit community is the friendly relationships that we’ve established with our patients. By getting to know our patients and meeting their entire family, we feel that we are doing a great service to this community since we are improving the lives of people that we now know closely.


Tell us what services you provide!

We offer a very comprehensive list of dental services – from every day procedures such as cleanings, teeth whitenings, and fillings, to more advanced procedures such as implants and braces. What sets us apart is our proactive and holistic view on dentistry. We utilize the latest in dental technology in order to help diagnose and treat dental issues at the earliest stage possible, which minimizes dental trauma, reduces your out-of-pocket expenses, and results in more comfortable experiences. We believe that strong health comes only from strong oral health, which is why we are always on the look-out to give you the strongest possible smile, to give you the best possible healthy life. You can check out our services page on our website to get the full breakdown of our services: https://studiodentaltx.com/services/.


OK, now to the really fun stuff, tell us about Project Smile!


Project Smile is our initiative to giving back to the community through giving someone their smile back. We understand and firmly believe that having a healthy smile is related to so many facets of a good life. From relationships, to job opportunities, to the most important thing of all – being happy with oneself.

What was the inspiration behind launching this initiative?


Giving back to the community has always been a goal of ours. We wanted to give back to the community because this is the only way that our community can become stronger, and better for future generations. We hope that our Project Smile not only improves the life of someone, but also improves the lives of many through inspiring others who have the opportunity to also give back, helping to advance this greater cause.

Why is this cause important for you?


This cause of giving back to the community is important to us because we only wish that our community becomes even better for us living here now, and also for our kids that will live here in the future. We want to help create a community where we are always looking out for the best interests for one another, because that creates a safe and close-knit community.

How can people apply?


Complete details including deadlines on how to apply can be found on our Project Smile page at https://studiodentaltx.com/project-smile/


Will just one winner be chosen and how do you decide?


For now, we wish to choose one winner for this campaign. Our entire staff will go through a review process where we will discuss and vote on a winner. One of the criteria during the decision making process will be based upon who will benefit most from a new smile, amongst other factors of consideration. Three finalists will be selected for a complementary comprehensive exam that includes a full set of x-rays, and a dental cleaning that includes a take-home dental care kit.

Will you do this again in a few months or next year?


This will definitely not be the last time that we have Project Smile. Project Smile is here to stay, because this is our best way of giving back to the community. Follow our Facebook or Instagram page @studiodentaltexas, to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events.


What procedures can be done for the individual chosen?


Any and all dental procedures as needed, with the exception of orthodontics, will be offered to the winner. Our goal is to give them their smile back, so we will employ all necessary services to make that happen. In the future, Dr. Tim Dang, brother of Dr. Tien Dang, will be joining Studio Dental of River Park as a board-certified orthodontist. Future Project Smiles will involve Dr. Tim, which will include orthodontics.

Can someone nominate another person?

Absolutely! Just make sure to obtain consent from the nominee and a photo of their smile to help us during the selection process.


Anything else you’d like our mamas to know?


Studio Dental of River Park is an advanced dental office that is currently accepting new patients of all ages. We offer friendly, and professional services in a relaxed and open atmosphere. We utilize the best in dental technology, and have partnered with the best dental labs to provide you with the best possible dental care for your overall wellness.

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