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A Company That Helps You Safely Preserve Memories

As moms, there’s nothing we’re better at than capturing memories with our children. Especially in such a digital age, our smart phones are glued to us, in our hands most of the time, which makes it easier than ever to snap a photo or quick video of just about anything.

What can be unnerving, however, is that although our most precious moments can be so easily captured, we can lose them just as easily. For us, some of our most precious memories, aside from those we have with of our own kids, are old home movies we have to look back on of our childhood. Looking back on moments in time that felt safe, joyful, happy…there’s so much beauty in that.
A few Christmas’ ago, Nat’s mom converted old VHS home movies onto DVD’s for the family. Those DVD’s have made it through two moves and sat mostly in the back of a dusty closet. Bringing them out to watch with the kids was hard and they had to watch them on a noisy hand-held DVD player. So Natalie decided to seek out a company that helps safely preserve photos and videos, as well as gives an easy way to access those memories. And she found that in Doorstep Digital, a concierge mobile digital archiving service that prides itself in SAVING YESTERDAY for TOMORROW.
A family run business, Doorstep Digital was founded out of a passion for helping people take care of their memories. This is a company that knows how fast a family’s pictures and videos can pile up, and how challenging it can be to keep everything safe, organized, and preserved for years to come.

Founder Jack Perry is an experienced photographer and videographer of over 15 years. Jack and his family have experienced first-hand the priceless value of saving photos and videos.  In December 2011, Jack’s home and home office were destroyed by a fire. Jack recovered thousands of images because he had backed up his photos and videos on the cloud.  Without Jack’s diligent preparation, the Perry family would have lost its most precious images – from birthdays to baseball games to violin recitals.  Jack Perry’s personal experience and professional connections across the country has led him to create Doorstep Digital to help folks safely preserve their memories.
Our favorite thing about this company is how personal they are, their attention to customer service and detail. Jack invited us to his office to meet the staff and learn more about their business and what they do, instead of just picking up our DVD’s. We got a tour of their office, got a peak into other projects their working on, and got to shake hands with the team who’d be handling our project. Now that’s customer service!
Not only did we feel safe leaving our memories in their hands, we left feeling like we made a new friend in Jack Perry. He took the time to really understand why Natalie wanted to digitalize these home movies and he made her feel 100% safe leaving those videos in their hands. And anyone who hugs instead of shaking our hand, that’s our kind of business!
Just a few days later, the digital files were hand-delivered to our home in Katy, TX where we got to enjoy the home movies we cherish in an easy, digital format. Without Doorstep Digital, those DVD’s would still be collecting dust in our closet. Now we get to watch them safely and easily with our kids! It’s so special for us.
Mamas, you know when we love something, we love to tell you guys about it! This is a company to utilize. Doorstep Digital, in our eyes, was made for moms. If you want a safe, reliable way to preserve your most precious moments, you have to give Jack and his team a call!
Here’s a really great testimonial video we worked on with the team to talk about Nat’s experience with digitalizing her home movies!
Hi guys it’s Natalie from Katy mom’s Network and we’re at my house and Katy Texas today but I want to tell you guys about something really cool I got to do this week in Houston
The great thing about doorstep digital for me was going to their local office meeting the local team talking to them about what the goal was behind why I wanted to digitalize these DVDs they got to walk me through other projects that they’re working on which made me as a customer feel super comfortable and confident leaving those memories in their hands
I also feel like doorstep digital was made for moms I really do I feel like as moms we can’t get enough of preserving memories and safely preserving memories Jack and his team take those and make them into a digital file that is safe for me to have forever and share with m children really means the world to me so that’s the story behind why I talk them out was to preserve these special memories.

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