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Featuring Mama Owner & Stylist of J. Austin Beauty Bar

Jessica Doherty, the mama owner behind J. Austin Beauty Bar, has always had a gift with hair and makeup. Boston born, Jessica works as a Senior Geology & Geophysics Data Manager by day and her love for all things beauty lets her show off her creative side.
It was a professional photographer who suggested Jessica take her talent for doing hair and makeup and turn it into a business. That’s when J. Austin Beauty Bar was born.
We met the beautiful Jessica through our platform and she did our hair for our Moms Night Out Event in May. She made us feel so gorgeous and we felt like we truly made a new mama friend!
We’re so excited to have Jessica part of our event in November- not only will be be helping us with out hair and makeup, she’s going to set up a braid bar for all our mamas!
It gives us great pleasure to introduce this talented mama to you all. We got to chat with Jessica about how her business has grown, her plans for the future, and of course a little bit on mama life.
Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Katy area?
I am from North Richland Hills, a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth area. After graduating high school, I ended up at a Texas A&M University where I met my husband and followed him back to his hometown of Katy. I have lived in Katy for 6 years now and haven’t looked back.
You are a mama, too! How old are your kid(s)?
Yes, I sure am! I have two boys, Knox and Rainer.
Knox turned 3 on one of my favorite days, March 14th  Day] and Rainer just celebrated his 2nd birthday on October 12th.

Jamie Burrow Photography

What did you do before becoming a business owner?
Before becoming a business owner and actually – present day, I work in the oil industry as a Geology & Geophysics Data Manager. I’ll go ahead and admit that yes – I’m proud to be a little nerdy! My love for linux operating systems, seismic data, and the constant problems that present themselves day-to-day has proven to be incredibly challenging and often tedious work, but the feeling of accomplishment when I’ve defeated the task is like nothing else. It has given me the confidence and shown time after time that we can do anything we set our minds to.
What services do you provide at J. Austin Beauty Bar?
Hair styling, Airbrush and Traditional Makeup application, Hair extensions (clip-ins or halos for day of events), Hair and Makeup Learning Sessions/Lessons

What are the different occasions you get hired for and what events are your favorite?
We specialize in several occasion including but not limited to weddings, graduations, prom, homecoming, birthday parties, holiday parties, date nights, and photoshoots of all kinds – styled, boudoir, engagement. While we take pleasure in all the events that we are hired to work on, weddings are by far the most memorable event we take part in.
What is your favorite thing about making someone look beautiful for an event or occasion?
The best part about hair and makeup is how it enhances our client’s natural beauty and confidence that already exist.  Our goal is to achieve that feeling of “I am beautiful”, but most importantly confidence and self-love that shines right through our silly insecurities.  We want everyone to feel and know they are beautiful inside and out! We will not leave or end for the day (unless told to stop) until our clients feel absolutely fabulous and unstoppable. We care about every single client and will work hard to have your vision, or certain style/look, come to life by highlighting on your most loved attributes. As Gwyneth Paltrow said, “Beauty to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a Kick-Ass Red Lipstick.”
How do you balance being a mama, wife, and small business owner?
Honestly, I’m still learning this balance and do the best that I can to be in the moment. It requires a lot of late nights and early mornings, but I have learned to value my time with all of the handsome boys in my life.

We are always being pulled in different directions but being flexible and prioritizing the now has certainly been something I’ve tried to be consistent with. It is certainly not without the help of an amazing support system that includes, my family and life-long friend, Mycah, who is my right-hand woman [artist/stylist, if you will] that have helped in every aspect of my life at home and being a small-business owner.
Do you get the dreaded mom-guilt? If so, how do you deal?
Every day I feel some type of the dreaded mom-guilt. I would say this comes as a range. Like I mentioned above, one thing I learned is that the time is important and to the best of my ability, I try to spend some sort of quality time every day with the boys after work. If I’m not doing hair and makeup in the evenings or on weekends, we are playing outsides or doing lots of fun activities, including art projects (painting is a favorite at my house), play-dough, building tracks for their Hot Wheels cars, decorating cookies, and so on. I have volunteered two seasons in a row coaching Knox’s soccer team which has given him and I something special we have together. We definitely try to make it fun and give them our full attention during this special time. Lastly, my husband has been my rock and constantly reminds me that I’m a better mom because of what I do. He has supported me 110% and is so quick to take over duties for the nights or weekends while I slip away to our studio or an event.
How has the Katy community impacted your business?
Gosh, the Katy community has made my dream come true. I don’t say that lightly. If it weren’t for my neighbors and friends, friends of friends, and the ladies that I meet through platforms such as Katy Mom’s Network, so graciously allowing me to practice on them to build my portfolio; I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. The Katy community has been my first clients and made continuous clients that has allowed us to keep doing what we love.

Best advice for someone wanting to take the leap of faith into entrepreneurship or wanting to open their own business?
Take the leap, because otherwise you’d spend the rest of your life wondering “what if”. It will be hard and there will be no shortage of times you want to give up, but the reason of why you started and following your passion will be worth all the trials and tribulations you’ll endure. There are so many more highs and when you hit the lows (which all small-business owners will see at some point), the only thing we can do is learn from them and keep going.
Who inspires you most in business and who inspires you most in motherhood?
In business, my family of entrepreneurs have been prime examples of how to do business with others. They were consistent with showing their clients how much they care and how determined they are to exceed their expectations. While they are all entrepreneurs themselves, they are in many different industries – law, real estate, IT, but the determination and heart are consistent throughout. In motherhood, I’ve always looked up to stay-at-home moms, because the patience they practice and live by is something that I wish I could say I had. Regardless of their sometimes-demanding employer, they carry themselves with such a calming and loving demeanor. I appreciate everything I learn from friends of mine that stay home with their sweet little babes.
When things get hard, what’s one thing you tell yourself to keep going when running this business?
It’ll be worth it in the end that I can’t give up. I’ll wake up the next morning and try again and again. Eventually, this will pass, and I’ll look back on what I have learned to realize it was only a steppingstone. With my support system and the most wonderful clients – they certainly give me reasons to keep going on the harder days.

Future plans for your business?
We are continuing to work on our social media presence and have a new website up that reflects more of who we are and our amazing clients. We have been expanding in Spring where Mycah, my J. Austin stylist/artist/business confidante lives, as well as in Katy, which led us to bring on more artists and stylists! We are looking forward to meeting more amazing people throughout the communities and be an incremental part of their big days and events!
Any special deals or events our Katy Moms can look out for? (Psst… like a Moms Night Out Event coming up!)
We will be at the Katy Moms Network – Moms Night Out event and will have something for every person who comes in, not to mention setting up a fabulous braid bar!! For those that can’t make it, mention Katy Moms Network and we will give you 15% off your first appointment.
For more information on Jessica, be sure to follow along with her on social media and visit her website!


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