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Meet Courtney, Lifestyle Blogger & Entrepreneur 

We met Courtney at a blogger event last Spring and instantly connected. You know when you meet someone and you just feel their warmth and instantly feel like you’ve been friends forever? That’s what Courtney does to those she meets – she’s real, down to earth, and so community driven. We knew we needed to spotlight her as a Meet a Mom, but have grown to love her even more because of the content she produces and all she does with her platform.

Courtney N. Williams is a wife, mother, and bonus mom as she calls it! She’s an advocate for blended families and making it work- truly work, which we love. She’s been in the influencer/marketing industry almost 9 years, but says her true passion is helping other women walk in their God-given purpose.
Courtney’s been able to share her journey from single-motherhood to now being in a blended family with women all over the world. Both roles aren’t easy on women and Courtney shares her heart to help others through their journey. She’s built a lifestyle brand centered around motherhood, marriage, blended families, faith, fashion, and so much more and garnered a massive following on social media.
One of our favorite things about Courtney and her platform is, she really just kind of fell into it- a happy accident if you will. She stared sharing her story and her journey in life in a very raw, genuine way for those who knew her personally- friends and family mostly. And before she knew it, she had a following across the world. A following of women who could relate to her, came to her blog and social feeds to be inspired, and women who just simply connected with her in a very real way.
Not only did her platform get attention from women, but businesses and brands also wanted to the chance to work with her! It’s clear her followers trust her and brands all over the world want their products represented by those who people trust. Since launching her blog, Courtney has worked on campaigns with some of the nation’s largest retailers and brands such as Walmart, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Pampers, Crest & Oral-B, Tampax, just to name a few. This mama has traveled all over to speak at conferences, been interviewed by many, and featured on blogs and in magazines.

With all the success she’s seen through her platform, Courtney says her ultimate goal in life is to show other’s that no matter what unexpected twists and turns come about in life, you can still have the life you’ve always dreamed of! Whether you’re looking for tips on motherhood, marriage, fashion, blogging, faith, you’ve come to the right place on Courtney’s platform.
Aside from her social media and blog, Courtney also offers one on one coaching for others in this industry wanting to learn more about how to grow their social media presence and expand their brand. She loves taking her knowledge and experience in this space and sharing it with other women. Women supporting women is something Courtney has always stood by. Pricing for this service can be found on her website for any of you mamas interested. To learn from her would be such a great thing for any business or brand!
Another cool addition to what this mama does is helping families style for photo shoots! Who else gets major anxiety thinking about what to put your kids and hubby in for holiday pictures? We totally do. And because Courtney is a pro with styling her big family and because she believes coordinating outfits makes a family look even more united as a family unit, she now offers virtual family styling. Whether it’s for your annual family fall, spring, or holiday pictures, engagement pictures, vacation outfits, you name it, Courtney can style it!

She will find and purchase the head to toe items for your entire family online and have everything shipped to you. The best part is you can give her guidelines or give her complete creative control and she can even assist you with booking the shoot, makeup, and hair! We love this!
With all this mama has going on at any given time, it’d be easy to assume she’s a full-time blogger. But Courtney also works full time in healthcare sales and has for the past 7 years. She currently works for a pediatric therapy company that provides behavior therapy for children with autism. You can find her out in the field meeting with doctors and other healthcare professionals or working from her office which is her car!
Listen mamas, we know the influencer space can feel crowded  at times and we know there’s a genuine need from you all to find women to follow who are real and show the real moments. A lot of us want that genuine connection with those we follow and when we see their posts and stories, we feel good. This mama has all of this.
One of our favorite subjects she blogs about is how to navigate being a blended family and a bonus mom. Nat is a product of divorce and a dad who re-married and had two more children. And although she wouldn’t change her journey for anything, as an adult she can look back and see that it could have been so much better for all involved if they’d done it like Courtney and her husband are doing it. Because 1 in 3 Americans are in some type of blended family, Courtney knew this was a topic that needed to be talked about. She attests that although her family is not perfect, she does want to show that the blending of families can be loving, drama free, and a ‘put the kiddos first’ mindset always. A good piece she did on this topic if on her blog.
Be sure to follow along with this beautiful (inside and out!) mama! We think you guys will love her as much as we do.

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