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Joseph & Family

UpFront Carpet Care has been our go-to for everything from carpet and rug cleaning, grout cleaning, pressure washing, getting pesky stains out of furniture, and more! Owner and local dad, Joseph Pais, is one of the nicest, most accommodating people we know and truly has a heart for helping parents.
Joseph is truly an expert on all things deep cleaning, so we sat down with him to ask him all about carpet care, tile/grout care, how we can manage it at home, and how UpFront can help with the rest! From sealing grout, to urine/pet stains, to allergies caused by your area rugs – we cover it all. Plus, he’s offering KMN an exclusive deal!

Green Carpet Cleaning


What does it mean to be a green carpet cleaner? What products are used?

It’s knowing what’s actually in your products and making sure they are safe not only for the homeowner but our technicians as well. There are a lot of carpet cleaning services that use Butyl based products or cheap Deodorizers and even laundry soap to clean your carpet. Our green pre-treatment is botanically based, non-toxic, safe for your family and pets, safe for people with allergies or sensitivities, and it’s safe for the environment.

Why should we hire a green carpet cleaner?

Easy, because you want your carpets to stay cleaner longer and you don’t want to infect your home with toxic chemicals. How many times have you seen your toddler drop food on the carpet only to pick it up and eat it? What about when your kids are rolling around on the carpet or having a sleep over? You want to make sure your carpet is safe and residue free not only for your family but your guests as well.


Maintaining Tile & Grout


Should grout be sealed after it is installed? Do home builders seal grout?

I highly recommend sealing your grout after it’s been freshly installed. This doesn’t mean it’s going to stay clean forever but it will help prevent stains. Home builders typically do not seal your grout. There’s a lot of risk for builder in sealing grout so a majority will choose not to.

If I move into a new home, but I am not the first owner, should I seal the grout after getting it cleaned?

Absolutely! Cleaning and sealing of Tile and Grout is crucial. Every time you clean it, I recommend sealing it.

How long does the grout sealer last?

It depends on the end user but most dealers in high traffic areas like kitchens will last 1-3 years. In other low traffic areas much longer.

What is your top advice on maintaining grout and tile, and keeping it looking clean and new?

Either use a Steam Mop or a Flat Head Microfiber Mop with a Neutral Floor Cleaner to maintain your floors. Have your high traffic areas cleaned annually to help prevent permanent staining.

How can UpFront help clean and maintain tile and grout?

Simple! Give us a call and we will come out and provide the most thorough high pressure steam cleaning and sealing available.

Pet Odors & Urine Stains


Do you recommend a certain product/cleaner that can get out not only the stain from pet urine, but also that dreaded smell?

For fresh urine I recommend using a shop vacuum, water, and an enzyme product such as Natures Miracle to treat it. Fresh Urine is acidic so it’s best to neutralize it by using water and an enzyme. For a older spot I would use a vinegar and water mix to treat the odor and peroxide to treat the stain. Older urine becomes Alkaline in nature so using the vinegar which is acidic will help to neutralize it.

We gotta ask, does Febreze really take the smell out of your carpet or cushions or does it just cover it up?

I’m sure there is some merit to febreze but a better over the counter product in my opinion is Odorban. The disinfectant nature of it helps to eliminate the odor causing bacteria. That said Febreeze is a nice Deodorizer for more basic odors.

How can UpFront help with pet odors & stains?

We offer our Kill Odor Plus package for pet odors. What this is is an odor modifying acidic base treatment that treats the odor and goes after the stains as well.

Allergies & Your Area Rugs


Can our area rugs/carpets be causing allergies in our homes? How do we prevent that?

Without a doubt! Off you could only see some of the rugs that we bring in. I’ve had some where as soon as we lift them from a customers living room you can see a dust trail following us out the door. These same rugs I’ve seen fill up 6+ vacuum canisters with dust. There is just no doubt in my mind that area rugs can be affecting your allergies. The best way to prevent this is to clean your rugs annually.

How often should we have our area rugs professionally cleaned?

We always recommend an Annual Cleaning of area rugs to keep them their freshest.

Any deals Katy Moms can be on the lookout for from UpFront Home Services?

We will be working with our Chemical Manufacturing company to possibly provide you guys with a very mild pet odor and stain removal treatment. Hopefully this will be achievable. We are currently offering $20 for all Katy Moms Network Followers!

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