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A Texas Company And Family Owned, Treefrog Swingsets is a Tried & True Company We Love

As cheesy as it sounds, it’s always been a dream of mine to give my kids a beautiful, quality, wooden swing set. I had one as a kid, gifted to me by my grandparents and I loved that thing. I have so many beautiful childhood memories centering around that wooden swing set in my backyard. We’d have picnics in the fort, swing for hours gazing up at the clouds, and made endless slip-n-slide’s down the slide with the water hose. That swing set was something that helped us make memories as a family.
I even have home movie footage of me when I was about three at the beach in Destin telling the camera I was ready to get home to my swing set. We were outside nonstop and we loved it. I wanted all of this for my kids. In such a technology filled world and mounting pressures on kids in school, I wanted them to give them something they could just have fun with, call their own, and create memories and experiences with. I wanted my kids to be outside, using their imagination with their friends, laughing and getting dirty.
Finding a company that believes their products can help create an experience for families has been one of the biggest blessings and I’ll never be able to describe how grateful I am to be able to gift this experience to my kids. This company, Treefrog Swing Sets, is helping me as a mama make memories with my kids. And we’re so excited to tell you more about why we continue to choose this company.

A True Tried & True

You mamas know if we love something, we can’t wait to share it with you! Finding great products and great companies are so important when raising kiddos, so anytime we feel like we hit the jack pot, we want to shout it from the roof tops. All of our favorite products we’ve used since becoming moms, have usually come to us as recommendations from other moms. That’s what moms do! “Where did you get the baby carrier?” “What’s your favorite baby shampoo?” “What’s the best baby swing on the market?” Polling your mama tribe can lead to some of the best purchases you’ll ever make!

A little over a year ago we put our feelers out for the best swing set on the market and we were thrilled to find we didn’t need to look far. Treefrog is a Houston-based company with quality wooden swing sets for the whole family to enjoy. Audrey took the plunge and after a year of enjoying hers, it was an easy choice to call the owners of Treefrog and tell them I was ready!
I got to surprise my kids this past weekend and we caught it on on video. We saved our instagram stories in a highlight, so you can see the kiddos reactions when we surprised them. It was such a cool moment as a mom and one I’ll never forget.


Why Tree Frogs

From the customer service, to the instillation, to the impeccable quality, I got to see it all first hand when Audrey got her swing set and I’m happy to share that experience was just as amazing. Tree Frogs swing set delivered on Saturday and my kids have been outside with their friends non-stop.
With so many swing set companies out there, it was important for us that this company is a local, family-owned business. That can be hard to find when purchasing big things, so we feel lucky to have these guys in our own backyard.
Tree Frog owners Melinda and Tom are a husband and wife duo, with kiddos of their own, and spending two minutes with them it was easy to see they were so passionate about what they do. Their energy was infectious, their confidence in their product sets any mamas mind at ease, and we absolutely love their mission to get more families outside together.

We got to hand select our set from their store location on the Beltway and their expertise and advice on which to choose, how big to go, what accessories we needed, were all so needed. We were so glad we got to see the sets in person because we got to see the quality with our own eyes and even test some out. Their customer service over there is one of a kind! They were patient with us, didn’t rush us, and made sure we walked through each detail on each set.
Now…for the quality! These swing sets are built to last- so safe and built so well. Tree Frogs swing sets are built with chemically free, natural premium lumber which come from certified mills that have sustained yield forest management. Both redwood and cedar are naturally resistant to insects, decay and unlikely to warp or twist. And, because all of their lumber is chemical free and from sustainable forests, it’s not only healthy for families, but the world in which they play. We watched the installers build the set and they made sure to take their time to get everything right and ensure everything was secure, safe, and where we wanted it. Our backyard is not the biggest and not the most level and the install team did such a wonderful job making us feel at ease. We got to watch them dig down to make sure it wasn’t leaning and put the anchors in each spot that touches the ground. This thing is secure! So secure that we can even get on and swing with our kids or slide down the slide! Nothing brings you back to being a kid again like getting on one of these with your babies. So FUN!


Sets To Fit Any Budget or Yard


Speaking from experience, making backyard purchases based on budget budget alone is not desirable. Each time we’ve gone cheap, we’ve paid for it by having to get rid of it within a year or less. We wanted something that was built to last and that we could get years and years of enjoyment out of. The thing we love most about this company is, they truly have something for everyone. Have a small yard? They have so many shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from! Have a limited budget? They have swing sets priced as low as $1,200 and have killer sales quite often. If you’re worried about the cost, we hear you mama. But it’s so nice knowing that the swings et that sits in our backyard is quality, safe, and has a warranty and amazing re-servicing options to set any mama’s mind at ease. We promise you, this is a purchase you’ll never regret.

Now, For The Fun Part

Y’all know when we find a company we love, it’s our favorite thing to get you guys a discount or deal. Melina and Tom were so gracious to extend this awesome deal to you mamas and we can’t wait to see you out enjoying your swing set with your kids! At the time of purchase, if you mention Katy Moms Network, you’ll get $100 in accessories for your swing set! Accessories are things like, an extra swing position, a telescope for the treehouse, sandbox cover, tire swing, baby swing, glider swing, etc.
Pretty sweet deal, right!? Give them a call today and tell them the Katy Mamas sent you! We hope you guys take the Treefrog plunge with us and love the people, the company, and the product as much as we do!

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