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You probably know by now that we love talking about businesses we love – companies that make an impact on us, make our live easier, make our kids happy, AND give us the chance to support local. One of those companies we can’t shut up about is Springfree Trampoline and its local branch right here in Katy in LaCenterra.

Springfree was invented by an Engineer who happened to also be a dad who wanted a SAFE trampoline for his kids. Dr. Keith Alexander needed something he felt safe letting his kids play on and his original prototype and invention is why Springfree is now the safest, most trusted trampoline in the world.

We chose Springfree for our family not only because of the design and safety features, but also the superb local customer service we got from the entire team here in Katy!

We sat down with Kendra Pless, the Sales and Event Coordinator for the Springfree Houston store, to ask her some questions about Springfree and learn more about the brand that we love so much!

What is your title and job at Springfree Trampoline Houston?

I am the Sales and Event Coordinator at the Springfree Houston store. I am in charge of creating connections with both our customers and our community. I am in charge of making sure that each experience at Springfree Trampoline is a five star one.

How long have you been with Springfree?

I have now been with the company for 3 and a half years. I remember walking into the store with a group of girls from my church during one of those church retreat weekends, and jokingly asking the other employee there if they were hiring and to my surprise he said yes! The rest is history!

How long has the LaCenterra store been open?

The store opened in the fall of 2016, so this year will be 4 years since we opened.


What is your favorite part of working there?

Truly loving the product that I am selling. From day 1, I have been behind this product and there is nothing more amazing than selling something that is truly what it says to be. My mom never let me and my brother have a trampoline growing up because it was too dangerous. She finally caved when my younger sister asked for one and I remember her always coming in with bruises and bumps from falling off. The net was completely tore within 6 months, the covering for the springs lasted for about 8 months, and then a hurricane came through and it cause the trampoline to break through our living room window. Never again. I will be buying a Springfree Trampoline for my kids because I see the true safety and quality that is in our design and production.

Do you have a Springfree Trampoline?

I do not currently because I live in an apartment with my fiancé and no kids. (I’m only 22 and not really rushing) Once I do have a house of my own, I will defiantly be getting on though. They are not only fun for kids, but they are fun for adults too!

What makes the Springfree trampoline the safest?

There are many factors that make Springfree Trampolines safer. You have the fact that we have completely eliminated the springs and replaced them with fiberglass composite rods with a PVC covering that is hidden under the mat away from the jumping surface. Since the rods are hidden underneath it creates a complete SoftEdge where kids can jump all the way to the ends of the trampoline and will not get hurt. Our standard safety net that is made with the same quality that deep sea fishing nets that keep the kids inside. Our flexible net rods that guide children back to the middle of the trampoline if they jump into the net. However, my overall favorite aspect of our trampolines safety is how the jump from our trampoline is less impactful than a traditional spring trampoline. Traditional trampolines have a very jarring and high impact effect, where with our it will be more fluid and soft. I have a connective tissues disorder where essentially my joints are not as strong as other people and I have to do low impact exercises because of it. With our trampolines I am able to use them for exercise because the jump is not nearly as harsh on my joints.

What makes the trampoline so durable? Is there a warranty?

I am so proud to be a part of a company that truly believes in the quality of their product. We back our product with a 10 year warranty! From the frame, to the rods, the mat, and yes, even the net! The materials used in making our trampolines are a higher grade than those used on traditional trampolines. Like I had mentioned before, our nets are made of the same material as deep sea fishing nets. Our mat’s stitching is protected by two bands of webbing which are heat rolled, fusing fibers together. Both the net and the mat are infused with a UV stabilizer that will increase the longevity of your trampolines. Finally the frame is made of a galvanized cold-rolled steel that is powder coated. First with a TGIC free zinc-enriched base coat and then a high-gloss epoxy primer that is UV and weather resistant

What are some of the accessories that can be added to your trampolines?

Though we are currently sold out of some of our favorites (Flexrstep and the Flexrhoop) we are looking to restock those later this fall. Another favorite down here in the south is our Sun Shade which offers jumpers a shade from the harsh mid-day heat we experience here in Texas. We also offer anchors for those who live on lots of land and/or experience high winds in their backyards due to storms. Finally, our most unique accessory is our tgoma gaming system. It brings gaming from in the house on the couch to outside and on the trampoline. There are sensor mounted underneath the mat that will Bluetooth the signal to your tablet allowing kids to play interactive games while they are jumping. There are also some fitness apps in there for the mamas!


How has Covid affected the business? Are you back up and running?

We have been pleasantly surprised by how much COVID-19 has affected our business. We are currently in a pre-order position and our store is still closed at this time, but the whole team across the globe is working overtime to get trampolines into back yards as soon as possible. Our business has rapidly increased so we are a bit overwhelmed, but we are doing our best to keep up. We are having to re-train due to the new regulations and we want to ensure your children’s as well as your own safety while in our store. We are hoping to open up in July. We are fully available by phone and email. Our number is (346)262-0024 and our email is [email protected].

Any deals/promotions available right now?

Right now we are offering $300 off installation ($99)! You can add this to your pre-order at this time.
To learn more about Springfree Trampolines and to shop:
Website: https://www.springfreetrampoline.com/store/houston-texas
Contact: (346) 262-0024, [email protected]

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