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We’ve been watching the progress on the new Romp n’ Roll in Katy and are thrilled to announce they’re now ready to open for business July 13!
At Romp n’ Roll Katy, the owners are parents too, and understand how challenging and rewarding it can be – you want your child to thrive and be themselves, and you want them to learn so that they are successful and prepared for the future. With their expertise in childhood development, they’ve created a playful learning environment that fosters independence, builds confidence, & nurtures creativity.
They’ve got a variety of classes for children 3 months through 5 years and includes music, art, dance, cooking, science, and sports. The best part, they have a proven, research-based curriculum that will engage and inspire your child.
We got to sit down with mama owner Jana to chat about her new business, her budding real estate career, and of course all things mom life!

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Katy area?


I am originally from Germany, lived in London for 2 years, moved to NJ in 2014 and to Katy TX 2018, been here for 2 years now and absolutely love it!


How many kiddos do you have and how old are they?


We have two boys, 4 and 6 – they have sooo much energy!


Least favorite mom job? (i.e. packing lunches, dishes, bath time, etc.)


Letting them go and seeing them get big so fast urghhh, yea and dishes are not really my favorite either 🙂


Best mom hack that makes life easier?


I always take their outfits for next day downstairs with me after putting them to bed, they always come down in their PJs and that way, PJs can go straight to laundry room and clothes are right there! Saves us a couple minutes in the morning 🙂

We’re big on self-care for moms, as hard as it is to find the time, what’s something you do just or yourself?


My friends definitely keep me sane, I talk to them daily and try to have Girls Nights with them, I think friendships can easily be forgotten when being a mom and business owner, but if you make it a priority to yourself and make the time, it feels so good and makes me very happy to just be me for an hour or two and not a Realtor, business owner or mom!


One thing people would be surprised to know about you…


I talk to my mom every single day!


Tell us about Romp n’ Roll! When are you opening the doors?


If nothing else unforeseen comes up we will be open as of 7/8 for Intro Classes and birthday parties, regular classes will start the week of 7/13, everyone who purchases a founding membership can start booking their classes from 7/13 onwards! What is special about RompnRoll is that you can book different classes every week if you want more flexibility. You can attend a gym class this week and then an art class next week, you can also attend the same class at the same time every week, but we are a lot more flexible than other kids gyms and offer a ton of different classes to offer something for every child. Talking about self care for moms…we also offer parent optional classes and have a nail, hair and coffee place next door…just saying 😉


What was the inspiration behind opening Romp n’ Roll here in Katy?


When we moved to the area I realized that there was no kids gym that offered art, music and gym classes under one roof and specializes on the development and education of kids five and under, that was less than 15/20 min drive, was modern and met my expectations on a clean and safe environment so I went digging and found RompnRoll, met the owners and visited the Head Quarter in Virginia and was sold on their idea of a kids friendly environment where moms and kids can grow, learn and socialize. I was so exited for all the moms in this area of Katy and Fulshear that I went for it. I always dreamed of my own business and loved everything about this so here we are !!! Yay!!


What classes, programs, and events are you going to be offering? And, what for what ages?


We offer a wide variety of fun and educational music, gym and art classes for children 3 months through 5 years old as well as Kids Night Out on Friday nights, Open Gym Time during the week, Camps, Special Events as well as the best birthday bashes in town.


How has Covid19 affected the opening of your business?


We were originally opening in April and were very exited, we had to postpone this to July and it has been very tough for us but we are super exited to finally meet all the parents and kids very soon!!! We have very strict cleaning procedures in place as well as offering much smaller class sizes and more time in between classes to sanitize.

You are also a realtor! Tell us about your real estate career and how long have you been a realtor?


Having studied business and a great passion for remodeling houses and decoration, I quickly realized that this would be the perfect combination. I am also a people person and LOVE to help which made this my dream job! I have always been exposed to it as a child due to my dads job and I always dreamed of helping people find their dream homes, so after I did some Fixer Uppers back in New Jersey, I decided to get my Texas Realtor License in 2018!


How do you balance being a mama, wife, business owner, and realtor?


Lots of support from my husband, my amazing friends and neighbors! Also time management and effective working are skills that I had to learn very quickly! Whatever I can get done after bedtime, I will so I can be a mom as much as possible.


Do you ever feel the dreaded mom guilt? If so, how do you deal?


I was a SAHM for 4 years when I decided I need something else in my life, I love my kids more than anything, but I decided for myself being so and so’s mom wasn’t enough for me anymore, it was a hard transition for my kids and they keep asking me why I can’t play with them all day like I used to, it gets me and makes me sad but I remind myself quickly of why I decided to do this and that they are always in great hands if I am not with them! I also appreciate the time I have with them a lot more now.


Who has most influenced you to be the mom you are today?


I have a couple of mom figures in my life who have taught me a lot, especially with living away from my family from a very young age, but most influenced, definitely by my own mom! She was a working mom and I never once felt like we were not her #1 priority, she was very selfless. The biggest lesson she taught me was to be positive and to always keep going, to be a strong woman and to never judge any one for their actions. I don’t remember a single moment that she wasn’t there for me, no matter if I made a mistake or I moved for the 8th time even across continents, she was always by my side, I want that for my boys too!

When parenting gets hard, what’s something you tell yourself that gets you through?


I am too positive and I don’t get irritated easily, working out helps me a lot and keeps my energy level up! I also tell myself that soon I will miss these fights…


Any special deals or events Katy moms be on the look out for?


Definitely our Grand Opening and Intro Week, we offer founding memberships as of now before we open our doors, this deal will never be available again and will last until July 13 for the first 50 families who sign up, it is a 40$ discount every month on your membership, as long as you are continuously enrolled, 40$ registration fee waived as well as a 100$ OFF coupon code for a birthday party!


For more info on this brand new Katy business, head to their website and follow along with them on social!

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