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Studio 7 for her will be the newest dance studio here in Katy come July 7th! Allie Durbin (Katy born & raised) is the owner of the new studio that will offer a variety of classes and programs for dancers starting at the age of one, all the way through adulthood. Allie is as kind as they come and she has an inspirational background in dance and entrepreneurship for a young woman. After graduating from TCU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Modern Dance, she began her own Business, Allie Durbin Dance LLC, and she couldn’t be more excited to now be opening Studio 7 to serve the community that raised her.
Studio 7 will be hosting their Grand Opening July 7th at 7PM and class registrations are open NOW! Plus, we have a KMN exclusive discount: use code KMN50 for 50% off registration.
We sat down with Allie, to learn more about Studio 7 for her, her dance background, her inspiration for opening this new business, and to learn more about her drive to be a small business owner!

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Katy/Houston area?

I was born in Houston TX, and raised right here in Katy TX! I grew up in Cinco Ranch, and attended Creech Elementary, Beck Junior High, and graduated from Seven Lakes High School in 2013.

What did you do before becoming a business owner?

I have always been an entrepreneur! I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t thinking of the next business plan or business venture I was going to create. Even as a young girl I always found myself creating small businesses and brainstorming various income streams in order to do the things that I desired to do. In high school I began teaching private dance lessons and babysitting for a variety of amazing families. I learned so much about responsibility and work ethic during those years. When I was in college, at TCU, I began a meal prepping business called “Allie’s Eats”. This small business turned into something amazing, and I had the ability to financially support myself through my college years. Along with Allie’s Eats, I had the privilege of nannying for countless families in the Fort Worth area, and meeting strong hardworking moms who taught and inspired me. When I graduated from TCU in 2017, I moved back to Houston and began growing what is now Allie Durbin Dance LLC – a dance business offering private dance lessons, choreography, and master classes to dance teams and dance team dancers around the Houston area. It has been three years since the start of A.D.D., and I am so humbled to be continuing my entrepreneurial pursuit as I open Studio 7 in my hometown.

Tell us about Studio 7 for her! When are you opening the doors and what was your inspiration behind opening this business?

Studio 7 for her will open its doors on July 7th! We will be hosting a grand opening launch party that evening at 7:00 pm to the community (dancers, mamas, grandmothers, aunts, friends, etc) in celebration of our new space! My inspiration behind opening this business was simple – I desired to create a dance experience for dancers, parents and teachers that embodied newness, inclusivity, simplicity, and an overall professional dance experience. My hope when creating this dance experience was to not only to open up new conversations around dance, but allow for a shift inside of the community of studio dancers and educators.


Why have you chosen Katy to open Studio 7 and how has the Katy community impacted your business thus far?

Katy, Texas has always been my home! After graduating from TCU, moving back to Houston, dancing professionally for a season, and teaching at studios around town; I felt the urge to pursue my own business offering freelance choreography, private lessons and master classes. I have constantly been encouraged and supported by the Katy community in growing Allie Durbin Dance LLC, and I am beyond grateful for all of the talented dancers and mommas that have entrusted me throughout this journey.

What classes and programs are you offering?

Studio 7 for her offers a variety of classes and programs for dancers starting at the age of one, all the way through adulthood! We offer our “Baby Ballerinas” (ages 1-5) classes that include Mommy & Me, Creative Movement, Acro & Jazz, Baller & Jazz, and Ballet & Tap! We offer our K-5 dancers a variety of classes including – Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, and Hip Hop! For our Junior high dancers we offer Ballet, Jazz, Leaps & Turns, and Contemporary. For our High school aged dancers we offer dance/drill team classes on Wednesday nights which include Leaps & Turns, Jazz and Contemporary. Studio 7 is also committed to bringing in exceptional teachers and staff, so the dancers in Katy have the ability to receive broader experiences brought directly to them.
Studio 7 for her offers two additional programs for dancers! We offer a program for dancers ages 6-9 called the petite co. This program was created for dancers who are interested in taking the next step and progressing in their dance abilities with the ease of no hidden fees or length time commitment. This group of dancers will take class together on Tuesday nights from 5:00-7:30 pm (Ballet, Leaps & Turns, Contemporary & Jazz combo classes), and will perform in our Winter Showcase and in our End of The Year showcase. At Studio 7 we also offer a program called “the company” for our high school aged dancers. This group takes class together on Monday and Thursday nights, and is a program designed for dancers who want to progress in their dance careers. Auditions for these programs, as well as registration for classes, can be found at
Students can choose which class(es) works best for them, and register directly through our website –!!!

Any special events that local moms should be on the lookout for?

We encourage local mommas to follow along on our Facebook and Instagram @studio7forher pages to see our upcoming events, camps and classes! We wouldn’t want you to miss out!
Launch Party – July 7 @ 7 PM (open to all ages – come & go)
Free Dance Classes (Ages 1-3 & Ages 3-5) – July 11th @ 10:15 AM & 11 AM
Coppelia Camp (Ages 3-7) – July 16th @ 8 AM – 11 AM
Open Studio Social – August 2 @ 3:30 PM (open to all dancers, and parents)
Studio 7 is thrilled to be hosting many unique opportunities for dancers of all ages, so be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with the excitement at the studio! To participate in any of these events, please register at through the “camps/events” tab on our registration portal!

What is your dance history? Are you a dancer or how has dance been an influence in your life?

I began dancing in Katy, Texas when I was in 6th grade after developing a passion for movement through competing as an elite level gymnast. I transitioned to the world of dance and spent many years competing and participating in dance competitions, and high school drill team contests. I then began my pre-professional dance career with MetDance-MetToo Youth company, prior to attending Texas Christian University as a Nordan Scholar. At TCU, I studied under the guidance of Joy Bollinger, Leah Cox and Joshua L Peugh, eventually performing with Peugh’s Dark Circles Contemporary Dance Company.
With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Modern Dance, I danced professionally for two seasons with NobleMotion Dance in Houston, Texas. I went on to create and develop what is now Allie Durbin Dance, a business offering private teaching, choreography and master classes in the greater Houston area. As my career progressed, one thing remained constant – my love for sharing my passion, experience and technique with developing artists each and every day.
I have partnered with Ascension Dance as their Accelerate Artistic Director, and will be offering summer dance intensives with Ascension Dance called Accelerate beginning summer of 2020. Accelerate is a two day intensive for high school aged drill team dancers that hosts a variety of classes.

Best advice for someone wanting to take the leap of faith into entrepreneurship or wanting to open their own business?

Entrepreneurship is a choice, a lifestyle, and a sacrifice! The word “fear” must not exist inside of you, and no part of you can allow for toxicity to survive. You must learn to fully embody what you are trying to create and represent, as you are your brand. In order to succeed inside of entrepreneurship you must be okay with the constant feeling of push and pull, of urgent uncomfortability, and of the burning desire to continually redefine and recreate. But if you do believe that you are available for this journey then I say… Learn your target market, create your ideal client, do a ton of research, then get really clear about who you are and what exactly you’re creating & GO! RUN! And don’t ever look back!
My favorite inspirational quotes:

  • There is no better time than the present.
  • If you don’t pursue your dream then you will end up pursuing the dream of someone else.


Who inspires you most in business?

One of my lifelong friends, Madeline Castleman who has an incredibly successful photography business based out of Dallas TX. Three years ago we met for casual girls lunch when she was in town shooting a wedding. We were standing in the parking lot when she said  “Allie you are your brand…You have to just go for it, people will follow” She encouraged me to go for it, build my brand, create my business plan and ultimately completely change my life. To this day Madeline plays a constant role in my life as an inspirational entrepreneur and as a friend. We are always sharing helping podcasts, seminars, apps, and new ways to uplevel our businesses with each other, and I love getting to share our journeys together!

Future plans for your business?

I plan to continue developing, growing, striving, clarifying, and creating a space for Studio 7 to not only exist but to exist well! My hope is that Studio 7 is a place that opens doors, creates pathways, offers support and overall exemplifies a passion inside of the lives of those it has the privilege of influencing. It is a huge honor to have the ability to own a business such as this, and as Studio 7 continues to evolve, I hope that it can continue to support the continued needs of the surrounding community!

To learn more about Studio 7 for her:
Contact: 1800 S Mason Road Katy, TX 77450
Instagram: @studio7forher
Facebook: @studio7forher

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