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We recently told you about One Potato, the amazing new meal box delivery service created by the founder of Weelicious,that recently launched in Texas, saving local moms serious time and stress at dinnertime. Soon, it will launch in Austin, bringing easy, delicious and organic meals ready to cook or assemble to even more busy Texas Moms. Now, some of us from The Local Moms Network are sharing our experience our families have had with it—including how unbelievably easy and fun it is.  Here’s why One Potato is quickly becoming our go-to during this hectic back-to-school season:

Interested in trying One Potato? Go to onepotato.com and use code TEXASMOMS for $80 off your first 4 boxes!

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Our Whole Families are Loving It—Really
Picky eaters? Adult palates? Everyone can, and will, enjoy these meals—and that’s a pretty tall order. So if you’re looking for something new to try, this is a simple way to do it.  “Sometimes I get in a meal rut and can’t come up with new ideas, but One Potato has delicious meal options that everyone is sure to love…even the picky eaters (and adults)!”, says Nikkie Hancock of Kingwood Moms.

 None of Us Has a  Culinary Degree—and That’s Not a Problem
These days, moms are acting not only as parents, but sometimes teachers, too (not to mention house cleaners, therapists and sports coaches). We can  now at least take short order cook off that growing list! “I was initially worried that it was going to be a lot of work to cook the meals, because I am not one that loves to cook. But I was pleasantly surprised to find each meal was so easy and fast to create,” says Meghan Hughey of Frisco Area Moms,

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 It Makes a Perfect “Busy Mom” Leftover Lunch
If meal prep in the morning makes more sense for moms, they can enjoy their meal for lunch, too—and serve it again to the family at dinner (mom hack alert!). Either way, it takes the pressure off the end of the day (perfect for new moms dealing with “the witching hour” or moms of older kids who get “hangry” if dinner isn’t on time). “I often don’t eat and end up starving at the end of the day but One Potato has made it easy to prep meals, even in the middle of the day and I know I am getting healthy nutritious foods,” says Nikkie.

Meal Planning Can Come Off Our Plate, Thankfully
For some moms, cooking itself isn’t the chore we hate – it’s figuring out what to cook for dinner that we truly loathe. “I love to cook but I loved that this was incredibly easy to put together! I didn’t have to worry about the meal plan for that day. Did I say it was incredibly easy?! I cannot express that enough!” says Ana Montesano of the Cypress Moms Network.

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It Reduces Waste
When we order from One Potato, the produce is organic, non-GMO and always fresh! Since we get exactly what we need, we’re not throwing out rotting produce, which makes us happy. The fact that the company has a commitment to sustainability and uses recyclable and reusable packaging? Even better.

It’s a Naturally Socially Distant Experience
With One Potato, you get a restaurant like experience (trying new dishes, fabulous ingredients, beautiful presentation, less cleanup) right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Plus, it doubles as a perfect at-home activity for the whole family to do together.


 Interested in trying One Potato? Go to onepotato.com and use code TEXASMOMS for $80 off your first 4 boxes!


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