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Featuring Cynthia Amachree RN, MSN, FNP-C

Today we’re honored to feature one of the smartest, kindest people we know. Cynthia Amachree loves people and loves making people feel good. She’s a Nurse Practitioner at Next Level Urgent Care, and recently launched her own business, idrip health, a luxury concierge wellness experience. I got to try it out for myself yesterday and mamas, let me tell you, this is the real deal!

This business delivers wellness infusions to you in the comfort of your home. While Cynthia loves what she does as an NP, she loves helping people before they get sick. That’s where true wellness comes in. She says many individuals today suffer from chronic depletion of fluids, nutrients and vitamins and the science of intravenous therapy replaces these deficiencies at the cellular level. Some of the benefits of infusion therapy includes 100% cellular absorption, replenishes energy stores, illness recovery and vitamin replacement. At iDrip Health they customize the infusion bags to meet your individual needs. Our products contain the right balance of fluids, antioxidants, electrolytes and nutrients to give your body the cellular renewal it needs.

Cynthia is someone that not only I trust with my whole heart, as she’s taken wonderful care of me and my family at Next Level many times, but she’s also got such a beautiful soul. I could sit and talk to her for hours and she’s so passionate and knowledgable about her craft. Simply put, she cares so deeply for people. And it shows!

I’m honored to share my interview with her today, so you mamas can get to know a bit more about her and her amazing business that’s set up to help us mamas!

Tell us a bit about you and your new venture, mama!


I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion for helping people feel their best. My background includes family medicine, emergency medicine and family wellness. Idrip health was born from my zeal to keep patients more on the wellness spectrum of health care. I am the co- owner of Idrip Health. We offer a wide range of intravenous vitamin therapy and injections. We are a mobile concierge service and so we deliver wellness infusions in the comfort of your home or office space. Some of our popular drip infusions include immunity, hangover fix, Rehydration, Athletic Boost, Myer’s cocktail and Skin glow. We also have injection options that include b12, lipo, vitamin d, tri- amino acids, collagen boost, MIC and much more.


How many kiddos do you have and how old are they?


I am married and work with my amazing husband Valentine who also happens to be an ER Registered Nurse. Together we own Idrip Health and have 3 beautiful daughters Nia (11), Ava (9) and Eliana (3).

What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in Katy?


The community in Katy is what I enjoy the most. There are many growing families all around, i enjoy all the community events getting to know my neighbors and most especially patronizing other small businesses here in the community.



Greatest gift about being a mom?


The greatest gift about being a mom is the sense of fulfillment I get day to day in raising 3 beautiful girls and showing them that they can be whatever it is they want to be as  long as they are willing to work hard to achieve it. I cherish the opportunity to be a great role-model to them and I do not take it for granted.




Least favorite mom job? (i.e. packing lunches, dishes, bath time, etc.)


My least favorite thing is not getting to take them with me when i work, I miss them on those days the most.



One thing people would be surprised to know about you…


I work full time, run a business full time, I am also in the doctorate program fulltime and of course I am a mom full time 🙂



What is your go-to activity for just yourself for pampering or for fun, anything ‘mama’ time!?


I love wellness so naturally i love to meditate and get massages as often as my time permits


Best mom hack that makes your life easier?


Meal prepping- it is a game changer. My kids also earn weekly income based on chore board activity-Thank me later 🙂



Tell us about your background as a nurse and what led you to the medical field.


I have always had a passion for caring for people, I used to read holistic medical books when I was a pre- teen, the human body and how it functions has always intrigued my mind. After losing my sister at the age of 15 I was determined to find my purpose by helping others feel their best and educating people about the power of wellness.


Let’s talk about idrip. What is it and what made you take the plunge into this business?


Idrip is a luxury mobile concierge Hydration Wellness Practice. We deliver vitamins and minerals intravenously or by an intramuscular injection. Iv therapy is the fastest way to maximum cellular absorption. Benefits include cellular repair, energy, fluid and electrolyte balance, vitamin replacement, detox/ antioxidation, symptoms relief, hydration and immediate relief.



Can you talk about the benefits of your business and what makes it unique?


Idrip is designed to give you the luxury lifestyle you deserve! Our clients get to sit back, relax in the comfort of their home and office while receiving our drip infusions, We take away the hassle of scheduling an appointment, driving, waiting in the medical office for hours. We want to take your mind, body and soul out on a mini- vacation. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and custom drip infusions that leave patients feeling refreshed and renewed ready to face another day!



Who is your ideal customer and how does one know they would benefit from a drip?


Everyone can benefit from an IV vitamin infusion or shot. Our busy lifestyles sometimes get in the way of a proper diet, exercise regimen or adequate fluid intake. Our clients enjoy the benefits of hydration, energy boost, cellular repair and immediate results that all of our infusions provide. Whether you just need a pick me up, energy boost to work out or a well deserved wellness treat- your body will be thankful for the investment in your wellness.

What’s the biggest reward in doing what you do?


Oh my gosh! The people, the connections, the life stories, the therapeutic benefits but most especially the testimonials i get keeps me smiling all day. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are making a positive difference in the lives of your clients.

Your biggest mission seems to be helping people feel good. Do you think people generally forget to take good care of themselves?


I honestly think that the way life is set up and the cycles of wake- work- eat- sleep- repeat is what has come in the way of people taking proper care of themselves. I am so happy that we can offer this concierge option to many of our clients who are on the average very busy professionals. We will meet every client at the point of their needs come rain or shine.



Best advice for moms who want to learn more about your business?


Follow our business journey on facebook and ig @idriphealth, Contact us for booking at 1805400DRIP or send me an inquiry via email at [email protected].  We offer individual and group and corporate packages. I would love to hear from you.



How do you balance three babies and working full time? I just do it! and i love every minute of it.



Here are all the ways you can keep in touch and stay up to date with Cynthia! 


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