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Meet Niti

Today’s Mama Feature is the beautiful Niti Shrivastava who has been one of my favorite people to follow since we started this platform in 2018 and has been one of our biggest supporters, as well. From loving and spreading our content to attending our Mama Events in the community, Niti has the best energy and is so fun! And she’s not afraid to bust out some mama moves with us!

Born in Mumbai, India and brought up in Kuwait, Niti moved to the US to pursue her Bachelors in engineering at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. Since graduating in May 2008, she started her career as a Safety and Risk Engineer in the Oil and Gas field. Niti and her family moved to Katy 2.5 years ago and love raising their little family in this incredible community.

A few years ago she launched into the blogging world with her platform Raindrops to Sunshine. Here she shares more about her life, Indian heritage, culture and traditions, local resources for moms in Houston, and all things motherhood! I sure get a lot of great information from her blog and absolutely love following her on social media.

Niti just absolutely makes us smile and we are so excited to shine the spotlight on her today, as she shines so brightly on others. Read our full interview with Niti below and make sure to follow along with her blog and instagram!


Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Katy?


I am originally from India, but I grew up in Kuwait.

Have lived in Katy for 2.5 years now.


How many kiddos do you have and how old are they?


I have one little girl, Kritika (Kritu) who is 3.8 years old


What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in the community of Katy?


The number of parks and recreational stuff around!! We love La Centerra, Hat Creek Burger, Mary Jo Peckham Park, Callegari Park, Rick Rice Park to name a few of our favorite spots.

Greatest gift about being a mama? Hardest part?


The unconditional love my daughter showers me with! No matter what, I am perfect for her 🙂

Hardest part would be seeing them sick, it breaks my heart!


Least favorite mom job? (i.e. packing lunches, dishes, bath time, etc.)


DISHES! I mean from the number of bowls that come out during the billion snack times, yeah. LOL!! The sink is always full, never not a thing in there, EVER!


One thing people would be surprised to know about you…


That I am deathly scared of geckos – even though I am very outdoorsy otherwise.

Best mom hack that makes your life easier?


I clothes prep on Sunday, for the week for Kritu. It makes mornings a breeze when she has to get ready for daycare and then evenings a breeze after bath time, because I have everything right there, ready and laid out!


Tell us about your blog, when you started, and your inspo for leaping into the blogging world?


I started blogging in 2016 when I took a break from work, to start a family. I used to follow a lot of blogs but being an engineer and on my computer the entire day, I didn’t want to open my laptop once home, but when I took the break, I was like why not!! My blog is a little about everything I love – Motherhood, Travel, Recipes, Lifestyle, Fashion etc. The name is Raindrops to Sunshine because I hope you find something useful on my blog on days that have raindrops to sunshine and everything in between!


How important has it been for you to have a passion outside of being a mom?


It’s very important! We should not forget who we are/were before becoming moms!!


Best advice for moms who experience the inevitable and dreaded MOM GUILT?


I am quite guilty of mom guilt too, for the silliest of things, but I try to work through my feelings by reminding myself that I am doing my best! We all really are, and that’s what matters. Having a supportive spouse/partner definitely helps!

Who has most influenced you to be the mom you are today?


My mom!! She was the most selfless and amazing mom, and I have learnt a lot from her and try to implement that in my parenting too.


Name one thing you hope your kids look back and remember about their childhood and you as their mama?


That I worked hard and to the best of my ability to give them a great life and lots of memorable moments and great experiences.


What would you tell the old “You” before you had kids?


That I did a good job living it up then and that the future me is also doing a good living it up, so worry not, things always fall into place, just keep on keeping on!!


We are all about community, as are you! What does having a mom tribe mean to you?


I do not have family here, which makes having a Mom Tribe even more important!!! Mom friends are everything! The ones in the same phase as you, the ones ahead and the ones just starting out – we are in this together and being able to talk and hangout without any judgement is much needed!



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