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Get To Know CEO of Katy Yard Greetings & COO of Kolache Factory, Dawn Nielsen


Dawn is a mama I first met in 2016 when I started restaurant partnership work at Favor Delivery. As a fan of Kolache Factory myself, I knew locals in Houston would want this amazing business delivered! Dawn is the COO at Kolache Factory, headquartered in Katy, TX. I recently started working with Dawn in a different capacity, on her business Katy Yard Greetings.

In 2014, Dawn and her husband started Katy Yard Greetings because they wanted to be a part of something unique and fun. During the day you will find them hard at work at Kolache Factory, but in the evening you will find them as busy bees delivering special lawn greetings. They are extremely proud to be owners of two great companies that are family owned and operated and truly local! Dawn says she’s also super proud to help support all their installers that range from a stay at home mom to high school and college students!

They’ve lived in Katy for 11 years and decided the country life was for them, so we moved just a few miles away to Fulshear where they can enjoy their chickens, bees, horses, their beloved calf Charlotte and Bob the most awesomest goose!

See my full interview with Dawn below and learn more about both of her thriving businesses! And if you need a yard greeting for your next celebration, be sure to give Dawn a call!




Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Katy?


West Houston.  Lived in Katy for 11 years moved to Fulshear to have all my farm animals. I kind of like animals.



You’re a mama- how old are your kiddos?


My oldest is 24 years my youngest is 19 both girls. #sicembears



What’s your favorite thing about raising a family in Katy?



Just being together and cooking for them.



Least favorite mom job? (i.e. packing lunches, dishes, bath time, etc.)


I despise putting up laundry.


One thing people would be surprised to know about you…


I have bees.


Favorite local things to do in Katy/Richmond/Fulshear? (With kiddos or just for mom!)


Going to Enchanted Gardens for plants.


Do you have a favorite family friendly restaurant in the area?


Slightly biased here but I am going to say Kolache Factory.  My parents founded it in 1982. If you mean for dinner Sapore, Pier 31 and we give Victors and Dominos waaaaay too much of our money. 😉



Tell us about your business, Katy Yard Greetings and when you got started!


We started the sign business in 2014.  A friend of mine recommended that I get into the business because she was going to do it in Cypress.  It was a totally new concept and we knew it had great potential.  No one out here had anything remotely has good of quality as what we had/have.  That still remains true even though since Covid-19 the industry has blown up.  Our signs are of the highest quality and are safe in just about any weather excluding of course a flood, hurricane or tornado.  We even delivered to all our clients before the freeze and our signs looked amazing days later when we were finally able to pick up.

What makes your business unique and different in this yard greeting space?


We are the Original Yard Greeting company.

We take great pride in having the most inventory, unique specialty signs and that our signs are clean, easy to ready and bright and cheery.  We also offer superb service. Early this year after dragging my feet out of fear, I launched my online ordering, so now customers can order and pay immediately no more waiting to hear back. #superconvenient



Favorite part about what you do?


Making folks smile.  Last night I got a text saying their daughter had cried because she had just come from a funeral for her grandpa and was having a terrible time the last few weeks.  Our sign brought her happiness and joy in a very sad and dark moment.


I also love the fact that I can employ so many great installers.  From stay-at-home moms, high schoolers, college kids (home for the summer) and those just wanting to pick up an extra part time job.  It is has been a joy working with them and knowing how we are making a difference in their lives.

Tell us about your other big, amazing job…Kolache Factory!


My father and mother created Kolache Factory in the early 80’s.  I started work when I was about 10 scrubbing the floors and ultimately worked my way up waiting on customers for years as a teenager.  My mother decided I needed to be in marketing and so that is where I landed until she became ill and ultimately passed away from Cancer.  This was a difficult time for me but I began to take on more of a leadership role and my father and I have been running it since. It is truly a family affair my husband handles the franchise sales and both my girls worked in the stores from a young age teaching them what it means to have a good work ethic.

How important is it for you to have a passion outside of being a mother?


My kids are grown so all I can offer is enjoy them as much as you can because let me tell you….20 years flies by and then you are left trying to remember what it was like before kids.  I suppose I should have had a hobby or passion but that really isn’t me.  I was very content being at home besides life was busy enough.  On a side note my husband does say I have a cat problem but I don’t think my cats see it the same way; the cats and I get along marvelously.


Who has most influenced you to be the mom you are today?


Definitely it was my mother.  She was my best friend.



What would you tell the old “You” before you had kids?


I suppose I would say eat better, be kinder to yourself and stop worrying about what others think because it doesn’t matter in the long run.




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