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Freeze Dried Snacks, Not Just For Astronauts

This business is unlike anything out there! When I first stumbled upon Space City Snacks, I thought…freeze dried snacks…? Could this be good? I was not prepared for how blown away I would be!

From savory snacks, to sweet…(the skittles blow my mind every time) it’s the flavor and the unique crunch that keeps me coming back! Not to mention I was pregnant with my son Charlie when I tried Haley’s snacks for the first time and as most of us know, pregnant snacking just hits different!

If you haven’t gotten the chance to meet the founder of this new snacking sensation taking over Katy, her name is Hayley – make it a priority to meet her at the next market she’s selling goodies at! She is truly a ray of sunshine and her smile lights up a room. You can tell she just loves people and loves her community.

I’m so honored to highlight this local mama today and hope you try her yummy snacks soon! Promise you won’t regret it!



Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Katy area?


I’m a born and raised Texan: grew up in Sugar Land, went to school at Texas A&M, and then settled down with my husband in Katy in 2014. 


How many kiddos do you have and what are their ages?


I have two! Evelyn is five and Timothy is almost three!

What’s the biggest gift about being a mom?


The biggest gift is being able to help nurture, guide, and watch these people that you create from scratch live life in completely different ways. You get to see their experiences through their eyes and the wonder that they hold. You get to see parts of yourself in your children and wonder how those parts will work in their own life. It’s really just a wonderful thought and feeling to carry with you.


One thing people would be surprised to know about you…


I’m a natural introvert. I know, I know, you’d never know that watching my Crunchtime Chronicles Instagram stories! I’m an introvert that loves to perform and always have been! I even had a karaoke alter ego in college!


Favorite local things to do in the Houston area?


In summertime, we love Typhoon Texas. It’s super close, not too big, and you can do it all in a day. We also love Bahama Mama’s Snocones for a cool treat, and we can’t forget to mention Local Table for a night out or casual family dinner. 

What is your go-to activity for yourself for pampering or for fun?


I love to maximize my time  when I’m trying to relax (sorry, I’m a Capricorn), so I’ll pick up a cold brew, go to a nail salon, and listen to an audiobook (thriller/romance/fantasy/all three) on my headphones. Otherwise, you’ll always find me in Target. Always.


Best mom hack that makes life easier?


Laundry basket in the bathtub for littles that are just starting to sit up on their own. It keeps the toys close and gives them a little more support to lean against.


Let’s talk snacks! Firstly, when did you become interested in freeze drying different foods?


I first became interested when my son was just starting to eat solids. He was (and still is) obsessed with the freeze dried yogurt dots. He would eat an entire bag in one sitting! I love being in the kitchen and trying to recreate everything from scratch, so I thought: surely these are easy to make right? After a quick Google search, I realized they are easy to make…if you own a freeze dryer, and that would be an investment. It piqued my interest enough to research every use for a freeze dryer and everything you could possibly freeze dry. At this point I was only thinking about my family and how we could use the machine.

When did you have the idea for Space City Snacks and when did you officially take launch?


I’ve always had a job and always was proud of that fact. When I quit my job to stay at home with my daughter, I was so grateful for the opportunity and SO fulfilled in many ways, but it felt like a part of me was slowly disappearing. Sometimes I think we forget that we are more than just moms and that we were our own person before them. I think deep down that was my true motivation. It was however something that would get my creativity going again and challenge me in ways I never expected. I saw that there was a market for freeze dried snacks in Katy, we invested in our first machine, and I started documenting our experiments on social media. It didn’t take long to see that there was a lot of interest, so on March 8, 2021 Space City Snacks was created.

Explain your business to someone from out of town!


Hey! Have you wondered what ice cream tastes like in space? Now you don’t have to! Space City Snacks is a freeze dried snack company that takes the treats and foods that you know and love and reintroduce them in a totally new way by freeze drying them, like the astronauts do! Freeze drying takes all the moisture out of food, so what you’re usually left with is a crunchy, more flavorful version of whatever you’re freeze drying! Most of the time freeze drying is used for storing food long term, but here at Space City Snacks, we just love to play with new textures and see what happens to our favorite snacks! We have everything from candy, cookie dough, desserts, fruits, vegetables, to flavored salts! Space City Snacks: not just for astronauts. *Cue jazz hands*


Favorite thing to freeze dry? And what’s your most popular?


My favorite thing to freeze dry is cookie dough. I have always been a sucker for it, so when I freeze dried it, my mind was blown. It is a crumby bite at first, but then it slowly melts on the tongue into the creamy, sweet, buttery cookie dough flavor we love. My most popular item will always be Rainbow Drops (freeze dried Skittles). It’s always the first thing people try, and I have started referring to it as the gateway snack because there is no turning back after that first crunchy, popped Skittle.


What are your future plans and dreams for your business?


I would love to one day be able to work out of a commercial kitchen or open my own shop and ship my product nationwide. That is the one downside for running under Texas Cottage Law and my most asked question. Perhaps one day we’ll get there, but for this season of my life, I love the flexibility I have running my own business out of my home. I’m able to be more creative and I’m able to spend more time with my littles.


Best advice for moms wanting to blast off into entrepreneurship?


1. DO IT. No matter the outcome, you need to do it for yourself. You need that challenge, that change in your status quo to really push yourself and remind yourself what you’re made of. 2. Don’t compare yourself to any other business. It’s easy to do, but it causes so much unnecessary self-doubt that frankly you don’t have time for n your growth or your plans for success. Know that you are unique and you are going to do it differently than anyone else.


How do you balance it all?


Wait, do you know how? Is it a secret? OMG Can you tell me?! All kidding aside, I’m still figuring it out. We’re only in year two of business and some days can be busier than others. You have to wear most, if not all, of the hats in a small business so give yourself a crap ton of grace and breathe. You’re in charge and you are able to control the pace. It’s okay to slow down every once in a while… Also checklists are my best friend.


What would you tell the old “You” before you had kids?


In the words of Billy Joel, I’d say, “slow down you crazy child, take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while.” Enjoy the quiet moments and the spontaneous adventures. Don’t be in such a rush all the time. Be in the moment. And start working on patience… like now.


Any KMN Discounts our mamas can look out for?


Not at this time, but I’m working on it!

Make sure to follow along with Space City Snacks on social media and check out their website for ordering info! 


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