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Anyone who knows Becca, knows how special she is. The same can be said for what she’s cultivated with Humble Grounds Coffee – a community driven establishment with doors always wide open to welcome anyone and everyone. Becca’s motto is “my house, is your house,” and it shows! When you’re at Humble Grounds, it truly feels like home.

Becca and her husband opened their doors in 2020 and Humble Grounds has quickly become a place for fellowship and community for our community. And gosh their coffee and food are AMAZING. More than just a cafe & coffee shop, they open their doors often for our community hosting events, markets, networking events, you name it.

Their dream for Humble Grounds has always been to have a space where people could be intentional in creating relationships within our local communities of Fulshear, Katy, Richmond, and surrounding areas. For Becca, it’s about more than just the coffee and tea! Grab a seat with your friends in our coffeehouse for some good breakfast, then stay awhile and try a panini or a chicken salad sandwich. To them, you are always welcome!

Becca is warm, inviting, and kind, so it’s no wonder her business feels the same exact way. We are thrilled to highlight her today, as she is such a treasure to the community!



Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Katy area?


I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA. I moved to Ruston, LA for college and met my husband. We spent 10 years being just friends before we got married and he moved me to Texas. Not long after we were moved to South Korea for his job. Once we moved back we were starting a family and wanted to be in the suburbs to on to Katy we came!

How many kiddos do you have and what are their ages?


I am a mama of 3! Our oldest is Ryan, who turns 7 in April. He is our kind, rule follower and engineer in the making. Samantha is 5 and she’s our fearless middle child. She’s a girl on a mission with a heart of gold. Madeline, our baby, will be 4 this month. She runs the show! She keeps us all in line and doesn’t miss a detail!


What’s the biggest gift about being a mom?


Being able to experience life through them is so special. We go through the motions day to day and don’t always feel like they listen, or hear us, or even understand what we teach them. But when you see your child show kindness to a friend, or remember a bible story, or show compassion to someone, or even give grace (Lord knows I need it)… you are reminded that you are making a difference. And whatever you are doing, you’re doing a good job mama!

One thing people would be surprised to know about you…


That I am not from Texas haha! If you have heard me talk then you would be surprised to know that I am from South Louisiana. There is zero Cajun in my voice and a whole lot of country!


Favorite local things to do in the Houston area?


I LOVE food! So where there is eating, you will find me! I am on the hunt to find the BEST bread pudding in Houston, so if you have any referrals let me know!


What is your go-to activity for yourself for pampering or for fun?


My goal for 2023 is actually to do a better job with self care. When I do have the time, then grabbing a mani/pedi and a massage are my go to. They are the only two things that will keep me still for more than a 5 minute period. Top of my list this year is to spend some time with Marissa’s & Jessica Smith (Distinctive Strokes) work their magic.

Favorite small shop or local businesses?


Oh man- This area has some of the most amazing small businesses- I love so many and have been blessed to work and partner with a large number of them!! If you have ever been to the shop then you can probably tell I love and adore Dash Blossoms. On the go, I am a snacker- so give me all the Space City Snacks & Sugarberry S’mores Cookies you can find. Off the clock you can usually always bet that I am wearing a bracelet stack from Sweetpea Blooms, a top from The Jade Cactus, and a pair of earrings from Sweet Bee Sisters. And when I’m working I will be rocking something HG branded that PS Designs created!


Best mom hack that makes life easier?


Don’t compare! I am all about a themed party, a charcuterie snackboard, a balloon arch for the first day of school, and goodie basket for every holiday. But I am also all about chicken nuggets 4 days a week, last minute gifts, and forgetting to make your kid a shirt for the 100th day of school. Don’t get caught up trying to be the Instagram worthy mom and forget that your kids just want your love and attention. Don’t go at a mom for being that over the top party planner because you aren’t crafty and don’t like Pinterest. We are all amazing and wonderful in our own ways. Do YOU and don’t worry about what everybody else does. Your kids have YOU and that’s the Mom God created for them.


Tell us about Humble Grounds- when did you open your doors and what was the inspo behind it?


We always wanted to open a coffee shop. The idea was always to have a business that was an extension of our home. Having a spot where people could feel the love of Jesus around them. We wanted to build something together, something as a family. The dream was always for us to create a space of community, fellowship, and comfort that was warm and inviting to everyone and coffee tends to bring people together in the most unique ways.


Our journey with HG began at the beginning of 2020. When we came across the space for sale that is now Humble Grounds, we thought it was a little too good to be true. We knew the idea was what we wanted but we honestly thought we were going to spend a few years making plans to build our own space, rather than take over one already in operation and hit the ground running Adding to the excitement, in the midst of negotiations along came the COVID pandemic. While most people questioned our decision to move forward in the middle of COVID, we thought, what better time!? As parents of 3 small children we knew we had a lot to consider so the beginning was a lot of prayer and conversation of hypothetical scenarios, along with advice from business mentors, and more prayer and consideration. By September of 2020 we took over the existing business, with a handful of employees.  In January of 2021, almost a full year later, we officially announced our business ownership and Humble Grounds was born.

What did you do before you became a business owner?

I was a Stay at Home Mom, doing the usual Mom things. I lead the MOPS Group at our church, went on playdates and coffee dates with friends, and wore sweatpants and oversized tees 7 days a week. Before all of that, I had 10 years restaurant management experience, worked in Sales for a gas company, and got a BA in Marketing.


You are so wonderful about opening your doors and hosting groups, vendor events, and more. Why is it so important to you to be community driven?

My house is your house, my shop is your shop! I love being able to offer a space in front of the community that other business owners may not have. The bakers, the jewelry makers, the online boutiques. Being able to share these amazing offerings to our customers is awesome.  I love being able to bring strangers together in one space and create lifelong relationships. I have met some of my closest friends within these 4 walls, so being able to provide that opportunity for someone else brings me great joy. The loyal and supportive community around us is a huge reason that we are able to do what we love, so we can’t think of anything better than being able to give back any way we can.


What’s the best part of being a business owner in the Katy/Fulshear area?

There is something special about our location- you get a warm, small town cozy feeling, but with big city growth and opportunities.  Everyone is your friend. You need something moved, you phone a neighbor and they are there to lend a hand. You lose power, they are there with a generator. You need a referral, there is always somebody that knows somebody. It’s really just a unique and awesome area!



Favorite thing about what you do?

When you love what you do and who you do it with it’s not work. We absolutely LOVE our team! They are hard working, smart, and creative and LOVE serving each of you. Everyday is an opportunity for us to make somebody’s day a little brighter- that might just be the best job ever!  


Best advice for mamas who have an entrepreneurial spirt, but afraid to take the plunge?

Don’t be afraid to fail! Don’t be afraid to try new things. If one thing doesn’t work, try something different. Competition is not a bad thing- it makes you work harder. Surround yourself with people that not only encourage you, but that challenge you. And never forget… just be YOU!

Future hopes and dreams for Humble Grounds?

My wheels are always turning on what next big thing we can do at HG. The hope and dream is and will always be, to be the space that serves coffee and community 7 days a week. We just might need a bigger space haha!

Any upcoming events or Humble Grounds specials we can look out for?

One of the biggest and most special community events we host at HG is our Autism Awareness Event with Dash Blossoms. It has been an absolute joy to see how this event has grown year after year. Last Year we raised nearly $2k for our local recipient, Hope for Three. This year we are hoping to make an even bigger impact by expanding our event to cover ALL of our Special Needs Community. We have picked the date for Saturday March 25th  from 10am-1pm. Our Event this year will be “Disability Awareness” as we emphasize that each and every one of us are unique and special in our own way, and MORE than a Label. There will be Local Vendors, Resource Booths, Police Vehicles for pictures and play (yay for Fire trucks), Mascots, and possibly even the Easter Bunny! A great day of family fun for a great cause!


What would you tell the old “You” before you had kids?

Never say never! I can remember all of the things I told myself I would never do “when I had kids”. Who was I fooling! Some days you just survive and pray for a better tomorrow!


Be sure to follow along with Becca and her clan below! And be sire to attend their first Market of the year THIS FRIDAY for their Galentine’s Ladies Night Out, 2/10 from 6-9pm.  Vendors, Door Prizes, come shop til ya drop!







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