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Meet Lubna, a licensed Esthetician and Laser Tech at Luminous Medspa, who specializes in result-driven Aesthetics.

With her Texas State License and professional license as a laser hair removal technician, Lubna provides a professional and soothing touch.

She customizes facials, educates clients about products, ingredients, and techniques, and continuously educates herself by attending various classes to enhance her skills in this progressive industry.

Her goal is to give clients the best skincare options to achieve their desired goals.

Lubna is an excellent provider at LUMINOUS MEDISPA, offering services such as Chemical Facial Peels, Microneedling, Laser Hair Removal, HydraFacial, RF Microneedling, PRP, and more.

When not at the spa, Lubna enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, as well as exploring new travel destinations.


Lubna Siddiqui           
Luminous MediSpa
IG Handle: @luminousmedispa

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Katy area?
I am originally from Pakistan, but I have been here practically all my life. My family and I moved to the United States, when I was eight.

How many kids do you have and how old are they?
My husband and I have 3 beautiful, talented girls. Two of them are in college and our youngest is in 7th grade. Our oldest is 22 years old, middle is 20 years old and youngest is 12. They keep us on our toes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One thing people would be surprised to know about you…
I LOVE to organize. I’m an OCD when it comes to organizing. When everything has a home, life flows better!

Favorite local things to do in the Katy area?
Most favorite thing to do in katy is to try out the new and upcoming businesses, especially the new restaurants popping up.

What is your go-to activity just for you, mama?
I love a good Manicure/Pedicure session. Also, having well-manicured hands just completes the look and makes me feel good.

 Give us your best mom hack that makes life easier.The best mom hack that makes my life easier is doing weekly meal planning/prep. I do all my meal preps on Sundays, so that I’m covered for the entire week. This saves me a lot of time and energy

 having to worry about what will be for dinner each day.

OK, let’s talk business. Tell us about your business and what makes it unique!
I think there are many distinguished MediSpa’s in town. Like some other MediSpa’s in Katy and the surrounding area, we are owned and managed by the physician. At Luminous MediSpa we thrive on being transparent with all our clients. We want to build a relationship with all our clients. Not just a one-time service. This is what makes Luminous MediSpa unique.

When did you officially open the door on Luminous MediSpa and what’s been the biggest blessing in it all?
We officially opened the doors on July 14th, 2023. Our biggest blessing has been meeting all our clients and getting to know the community.

What’s your back story- what did you do before launching your business?
My background is in teaching but when covid hit I decided to stay home with my girls and help them maneuver through the “covid storm”. Yet I was always into skincare and selfcare. Having 3 girls you tend to be always looking at the new best thing. I went back to school. Got my Esthetics License, Laser Hair Removal Technician License along with other certifications that I wanted to get. This taught my girls a great life lesson, Its never too late to re-vamp yourself in life!

What makes Luminous Medispa unique and what are some of your most popular offerings?
Luminous MediSpa is a clean, calm space for all our client where we focus on providing quality Treatments to our clients in Katy and surrounding areas. We take pride in providing the utmost sanitized environment for everyone getting services done. Some of our popular offerings are: Botox, Dermal Fillers, Weight loss Program, IV Therapy, RF Microneedling, Laser Hair Removal, HydraFacial, IV Shots and MEDICAL GRADE SKINCARE.

Moms so often put self-care on the back burner- why do you think it’s so important for moms to take care of themselves?
I think it’s an essential component of stress relief and wellness to take care of yourself. Making time for yourself may feel indulgent or selfish, but that is far from the truth. Even small acts of self-care or self-kindness can go a long way in decreasing the feeling of exhaustion, burnout, stress and even depression that busy moms often feel. By taking time out for yourself and taking care of yourself, you are improving your physical, emotional, and mantal health and most importantly setting a good example for your kiddos.

Something you’d tell a mama still on the fence about getting a facial, or Botox, or any other offering?
If a mama is still on the fence about getting a facial, or Botox, I would tell them just to give it a try. HydraFacial can do wonders for your skin. Monthly maintenance facials and at-home skincare products you are bound to see a difference in your skin. With Botox, I would assure them that, here Luminous MediSpa we firmly believe in Less is more. We will not oversell you anything you do not need. We always do a Free consultation and evaluate how many units you need. Rest assure you will be in good hands. You have the power to Transform your skin and become a better version of yourself!

   Future plans and hopes for your business?


We plan to add more services to our menu. We would like to become an integrated part of our community. Luminous MediSpa will be known for its honesty and integrity in the community. We want our clients to become our family.

*Feel free to add anything else!
At Luminous MediSpa we offer wide range of Cosmetic treatments including, Botox, Dermal Fillers, Chemical peels, SKIN PEN Microneedling, PRP for hair, Laser Hair Removal, Varicose Veins reduction, Radio Frequency Microneedling, Weight Loss Program, IV Therapy, Vitamin shots, HydraFacial, and more.

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