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Meet Magan Mcswain with MBody Fitness 

A pure light and inspiration in the community is this meet a mama feature today! Magan Mcswain, owner of MBody Fitness has dedicated her life to lifting up and empowering people, especially women and moms. She understands the importance of community and supports so many around her. Her gym is simply an extension of how she lives her life, helping others.

Going alone is hard, and life is not meant to be done alone, so why should fitness be any different? Mbody is focused on group fitness classes for all. They understand that everyone has unique goals, limitations, and backgrounds that all come together to create your own unique body. They even have an MBody nutrition plan that combines your personal metabolic rate with your individual body composition, dietary restrictions, and individual goals. 

We are so thrilled to shine a light on this beautiful mama – see our full interview with Magan below!

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the Katy area?
Born and raised in
Hagersville, Ontario, Canada- transplanted to American in 2007 to attend grad school at the
University of HAWAII then moved to Katy in 2014. Ive been here for 10 years

How many kids do you have and how old are they?
One 3 year old girl and one on the way. Due
in July 🙂

One thing people would be surprised to know about you… I was a college athlete and grew up
playing ICE HOCKEY and lacrosse. I also have never done anything other than fitness

Favorite local things to do in the Katy area?
Eat and check out all the parks with my girl

Favorite local restaurants?
Lupe Tortilla, Tonatis, Ambriza (basically anything Mexican)

Give us your best mom hack that makes life easier.
Don’t have kids?? Is that a hack?? Ok jk.
Life is easier at Disney and the beach so just take the trip and worry about everything else later.
OK, let’s talk business. Tell us about MBody and what makes your business unique! MBody is my first baby and it was Holy Spirit breathed. I have been in fitness since 2007 and I
had a passion for training athletes. Being an athlete myself, I loved the thrill of getting better at  my sport by improving my strength. Then I realized that I had a gift to help others realize their
true strength and wanted to build that into something that wasn’t intimidating but fun and supportive like being on a team. I took my experience of corporate fitness, strength and
conditioning and other boutique gyms and birthed MBody Fitness. It was all of the good parts of many other existing models and also bridging the gap in what a lot of them are missing, the
strength component. A lot offer strength but not typically enough to make a significant difference. MBody has a goal to help you realize how strong you really are and then build off of
that. When you see how strong you are in the gym, the weight of the world gets lighter.

When did you decide to start this business and what’s been the biggest blessing in it all? 
put this on my heart in May 2019 (pre pandemic) after owning a gym in Hawaii and taking a break from that when I moved to the mainland. After years of getting more experience in
different avenues of fitness, it was time to start my own. The biggest blessing is seeing other Moms get strong and get their confidence back after sacrificing so much of this during the
childbearing and early parenting years. I also am blessed to have the flexibility I do to reach whoever I want to and offer different programming without needing corporate approval. We have
hosted groups of women who have survived human trafficking to redeem their bodies and worth using physical fitness. It’s empowering to show other women their value and their strength
through fitness. Also being able to take my daughter to work so she can see Mommy works hard in the gym and in life to go after my goals and dreams adn that she can do the same.

Have you always been passionate about health and fitness?
Always, i joke that the only A+ is
my blood type and PE. I just love the feeling of pushing my body to the limit and having to
overcome challenges.

What’s your back story- what did you do before launching into this business? Fitness! I have
done corporate fitness, Orangetheory, 24 Hour FItness, trained military personnel, professional athletes, NCAA athletes. I have done it all. Management and as a trainer
Do you think it prepared you for being a business owner? Absolutely. I saw so many good things and so many opportunities everywhere I have worked. Entrepreneurship is also in my
family and I worked countless summers working for the family business teaching me that you might be the owner but you are also the janitor! Very humbling.

Best advice for mamas wanting to launch into entrepreneurship? Just do it. You will never be smart enough, have enough money, have enough time or energy as you do right now. YOu will
always regret not doing it. I would rather fail trying than fail not. God is for you, you cannot fail.

Can you talk to the mom who struggles putting her needs first and with prioritizing her health?
This is so hard as a Mom to put yourself first. We are better Moms and wives when we workout and keep out nutrition in check. Im a better person all together when i take even 20 minutes to
clear my head and get my blood flow going. It’s not always easy but it’s always worth it. Your kids need to see you prioritizing you and your health. You can’t take care of everyone else if you
don’t take care of you first. Start small and start somewhere,

Future plans and hopes for your business?
Multiple locations all across the country. Franchise
has been on my heart from day 1.

Biggest blessing in being a mama?
Watching her grow in strength and confidence and
becoming who God created her to be.

What does community mean to you?
Community is everything. IN the gym and as a Mom. We
are better together. If there is one thing about MBody Fitness that stands out among the other
things I mentioned it’s our community. We do a really great job at making everyone feel welcome because we need each other. We were designed to cheer each other on and make
each other better and help each other out. I want to help women support other women because society and the enemy has done a great job at trying to create division among us.
We have so much to learn from each other, young and old and we need our community to keep this going. 


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